Friday, July 10, 2009


a lot to think about

there have been a lot of deaths these past few weeks. some were surprising. some were understandable. some were blown way out of proportion. i'd like to address a death that could've happened, but didn't.

my father-in-law was urged by his cousin to have a new heart test done after his own test resulted in bypass surgery. my father-in-law also underwent bypass surgery and is now on his way to recovery. but doctors told him that if he'd gone on vacation, the blocked artery may have very well killed him. he is 58. encourage all the men in your life to have a stress test administered and a thorough heart screening.


there are a few things i'd like to discuss. first is the most recent book i've read.
this book was soooo good. especially after having visited salem, ma. i totally recommend this as a good read. i don't want to give anything away. so i'll move on.
i am excited about a new book that is coming out next month. i plan to gift this book to some special people, so i hope they don't run out and buy it first. let me back up a little...

first there was this book:
completely ridiculous. first of all, it was written by a man. secondly, zombies?!
but this one i am excited about, because i've read her work and she is excellent:
like jane austen on twilight. how fun is that? if you think about it, you can see a kind of darcy/elizabeth relationship between edward and bella. he's kind of mean at first. she acts headstrong. he's rich. she's not. make your own observations.