Wednesday, October 31, 2007

i really did it. no joke.

i did it! i cut my hair. and i dressed up for halloween. sort of. it's for real this time. what do we think?

Monday, October 29, 2007

i could never be a vampire

finishing off my halloween costume, and i pricked my finger. again. you know, why do we put our fingers in our mouths? suck out the drop of blood. weird. anyway... can't be a vampire because i hate how blood tastes so metallic-ey. can't imagine that as being my only life-sustaining, well sustenance. gross.

ps we went to disney world (yea!) on saturday.

Friday, October 26, 2007

shocking news: who's gay and who's not

i just found out that jk rowling intended dumbledore to be gay. infatuated with his rival, that evil wizard and boyhood friend, grindelwald. very disappointed.

however, daniel radcliffe, (harry potter himself) is not gay. it's just speculation based on his pics in details magazine. just because a guy bare chests it in a leather vest in a men's magazine does not make him gay.

the end.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

attention nerds: the first 3 guests at fx have been posted

and it does not look good. although, now that they've finally started listing the guests, i will be checking in every day. so here are the first 3 guests:
erik estrada (CHiPs)
michael winslow (police academy)
tara strong (Timmy Turner's voice, Fairly Odd Parents)

last year they had a ton of guests, so i will update periodically. i hope it gets better, because this group is uber-lame.

cavemen funny. ook! ook!

i know you are not watching this show, but it is pretty funny and fills in that 30 minutes before 'biggest loser' comes on. this week was especially funny with nick substitute teaching at a high school whose mascot is the savage, and it's a caveman. here is nick having a confrontation with grokgrok. he did say he liked a woman with a brow you could set a champagne flute on. takes the term apeknobs to a whole new level. tink, i know you're probably going wild, but try to control yourself. this particular caveman is actually better looking as a caveman than without his prosthetics. hard to believe? have a look-see...

caveman nick

sapien nick

scary. maybe someone shouldn't have evolved.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

more ghoulish creations from moi

it's not that i have way too much free time on my hands. it's just that i'm really good at wasting time on my projects. i made these bleeding candles by dripping red wax down the top of white candles. the potions bottles contain 'eye of newt', 'frog spawn', and 'pygmy loch ness'. the eye of newt and frog spawn are really just whole mustard seeds and the loch ness is a little dinosaur toy that b gave me. i printed the labels and then stamped them with some brown and green ink pads, mod podged them on and even sealed the corks with wax so hopefully no one will try to open them. are they creepy enough?
my battle with the energy drinks is not going well. i was dead to the world until i broke down and had one about 20 minutes ago. now my keyboard is about to catch fire from how fast i'm typing. if you can, read this really fast and pretend like it's me talking and not stopping to take a breath. tink, i mailed your very belated birthday box last week. call me when you get it, but before you open it. it's a tradition that my mom and i have. you probably won't get it until tomorrow or thursday, though. postage is a real, well, you know...

Sunday, October 21, 2007

a bad anniversary and a weird movie

everyone remembers their first love...

this past week marked the fifth anniversary of ben's death. and the second anniversary of me finding out about his death. i don't know which part was worse. well, yeah, i know which is worse. next month he would be 32. and that's all i'm going to say.

tonight, i watched a movie. 'year of the dog'. it starred molly shannon and also that really ugly guy from ricky bobby. it was weird. it was sad. it was strange. and it ended with not much of a good, hopeful ending. there was no romantic or petmantic (work with me) solution by the end. and there was a lot of stuff left to wonder about that was slightly referred to, but not addressed by the film. boring stuff, like her arrest, therapy, etc.

as opposed to 'must love dogs', a more commercial, formulaic, romantic comedy that really works and ends good. who doesn't like john cusack?

so my pick stays with feel good slightly more mass audience friendly. sorry, this does not apply to all movies, just to sad, depressing movies that have a very small target audience. i was already a little lonely and depressed. i don't need to watch a movie that amplifies those feelings. i need one that makes me feel a little better at the end. a good cry, not a confused, sort of sad cry.

Friday, October 19, 2007

stuff stuff

office funny.
e-mail crying.
mucho crocheting.
package mailing.
skull measuring.
wand painting.
friend enjoying.
me napping.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

more in love with ned than ever

okay. if you're not watching, i'm just droning on and on about some tv show. but if you are watching, you know that 'pushing daisies' is the best new show on. it's only had 3 episodes, but i love it even more at the end of each new show. and i think, 'okay, i can't like it any more than i do now'. but every week i'm proved wrong. if you're not watching, you are missing out!

p.s. i'm gonna see if i've got some plastic wrap.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

fantastic day

today did not start out great. in fact, it started with last night being really bad. (no comments, cheri) i had to get up at 6 am. that almost never starts a good day. i had to get b to school early for a field trip. i came back home to fix my curly mop (on my head). then i made sure that my m-i-l could watch my son whilst i went to a business meeting. 'what?' you say, 'you don't work.' this is true. but i had an appointment with a woman who owns a high end boutique decor store. i met with her to show her my faerie dresses. (pics in a previous blog entry) i took my 3 completed ones and also brought with me my baby hats. she loved my faerie dresses and said she'd put them up on consignment for $80. $80!!!! the hats she would sell for $20. am i dreaming? someone actually likes things i've made and wants to sell them in their '$100 for a burlap pillow' store?!?!?! $80!!! yea!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

okay, i lied. sort of.

i said i wasn't making a costume for my daughter. we ordered a witch costume from a website. we got it yesterday. it is soooo cheap. i don't know what that fabric is, but you can see through it. so i broke down and spent $4 on some fabric, ribbon and dye. a little salt and hot glue later and...

i cut the sleeves off the sweater and ribboned them back on. i fabric painted the spider webs and hot glued the buttons, tulle, ribbons & $1/yd fabric onto the dress we already had. you can't tell, but i did dye the dress black. it was stark white.

if you keep your dog from pooping on my porch, i'll try to keep my dog from killing your chickens

an even trade, don't you think? poor jack. he's really sweet and smart. but he runs from me when i call him and he is desperate to get at the chickens next door. meanwhile, their dog comes over to poop on my doorstep. i don't know what to do. he needs to run. he has terrier in him.

Friday, October 12, 2007

halloweeny time!!

my new favorite time of year. i made this sign for my front door. do you love it? seriously contemplating the hair chop. lovin' these hour long office episodes. and after episode 2 of pushing daisies - i love it even more. i hope it lasts, it could be my replacement for gilmore girls. off to the dollar store.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

winkflash blues

i'm trying to streamline and get rid of clutter. one way is to scan my old photos and have a website put them in a permanent album. this is great, except that the site keeps getting worked on and i keep losing unsaved pages!!! agh!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

anatomy of a haircut

as you may know, i got my hair cut about 2 weeks ago. after i paid, i felt a little guilty about my tip $4, after i said how i liked my hair. this is the picture i showed her of what i wanted.
she said it was dark, but she thought she knew what i wanted. i should've left right then? this is what i ended up with.
'i think i love you' as much as the next guy, but i don't think i love this look. at least i don't look like danny bonaduce. still, and i'd like some input on this, i wonder if i should just go and get it cut all off so it really looks like my last posted pic.
what do you think? if not, i'll be stuck with cute pigtails for a long time.

okay, it looks more like (exactly like) this.
which would be great, IF IT WAS 1994!!

Monday, October 8, 2007

in need of a thimble, and, apparently, a good cry

i'm trying to be not just a good mom, but a great mom. i hate buying cheap, polyester costumes that fall apart after one use. i like the quality of handmade. hence, this morning i worked on my son's costume. he's going to be an owl. i found instructions for an easy (albeit more expensive than buying a ready made) costume. wow, let's stop right here and ponder my use of hence and albeit. okay, the costume consists of a hoodie sweatshirt, some shaggy fleece (i bought chenille) and a couple of feather boas. everything was moving along nicely, until i told my mom that it was 'so easy and going so quickly'. that was when the evil eye's attention was directed on me. for the last 4" of stitching, i broke 4 sewing needles. then, as i hand tacked the wing tips to the sleeves, i impaled my right thumb with the dull, eye end of the needle.
it bled a lot for a tiny puncture 1/4" deep. so i bandaged up my sore thumb and set about using the handle of my scissors to coax my needle through what would be the last 3 stitches. the force shoved the sharp end of the needle under the nail of my left thumb about 3/4" deep.
i shouted 'dang it!' then i proceeded to cry and then bawl and wail. it hurt. bad. and i was frustrated and mad. so i called my mom and told her everything. and do you know what she told me? cry it all out. cry about everything. use this opportunity to have a good cry. by the end of the call i was feeling better. i thought. i was watching elizabethtown while working on this project and stabbed my thumbs during the funeral. i went and made a turkey sandwich because i hadn't eaten anything all day. and i thought about my friend who is God-knows-where doing something dangerous for our country. and he is one of the nicest people you could ever know. and i prayed for him and started crying again. me and my sandwich went back to my room. and i pushed play and then cried some more to 'free bird' being played at a funeral. the fire and the sprinklers, and they kept playing. and i sat eating my sandwich and crying while orlando bloom had a conversation with his dad who was now in an urn. and he cried and i cried. i'm still crying a little, but i feel a lot better.

jb, please you and melissa come to the halloween party i'm throwing on nov. 3. it's not at my house, though. and it's a movie theme - come as characters from a movie.

Friday, October 5, 2007


summer of the spiders, meet fall of the frogs!!

this summer, our property was overrun with these unsightly beasts.

they were here for a month or so. and then, as quickly as they showed up, they were gone. it may have had a little to do with my buying joe a fully automatic air soft gun for his birthday, but who knows.

then, come fall and a lot of rain and guess who shows up?

yep, timmy tree frog. they are everywhere. on my car, on my house. occasionally, i'll find an emaciated one in a dust bunny disguise hopping around. what's with the lame plagues?

my dvr did not work right last night and i missed the first 15 minutes of the office. i'll try to catch it online.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

pretty pics from other bloggers & an old crush

i thought these were awesome.

as for this guy... it's funny how, as a 13 year-old, you can have such a crush on a guy that's 17. and he's so hot and you can barely look at him. then he sits next to you at lunch and you say anything - even untruths - agreeing with him on stupid things so he'll keep talking to you. and he takes on mythic proportions in your mind. then, 17 years later, you see this regular dude with realtor hair and WHERE DID THAT HOT GUY GO?! oh, and he had (has) the best crush name, 'tommy kiss'. how hunkerific!

here is a poor yearbook scan. pretty hot for 1991! kind of has a milo ventimiglia thing going on.

my new favorite show

i watched this last night in a last minute decision. i loved it! sigh. it's about ned and his ability to bring someone back from the dead by touching them. if he touches them again, they go back to being dead. but if he waits a minute, someone or something within the nearby vicinity will die in their place. then they'll live forever (i think), but he can never touch them again. this explains how he's had the same dog for 20 years. but he has this mechanical hand on a stick that he pets him with. ned runs a pie shop. he makes the pies because the fruit is always perfectly ripe at his touch. ned becomes partners with a man, and together they visit murder victims (in the morgue), bring them back, ask them who killed them, zap them again and then collect the reward money. this is fine until he finds himself staring into the face of his childhood sweetheart he has thought of every day of his life since her father died (ned's fault, sort of) and she moved away. she was killed on a cruise ship. he touches her and after telling her of his 'gift', decides to keep her alive. the horrible thief of a funeral director dies in her place. now ned and his true love charlotte 'chuck' are reunited, but they can never touch. i love this show. it is so sweet and strange and i want to laugh and cry at the same time. ned has a jonathan togo (csi miami's wolf) look to him, but his personality makes him so endearingly cute. if you missed it the first time, you can catch it on abc this friday night. it is sooo good.

see the resemblance?

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

renewed project & cavemen!!!

these are faerie dresses i made a while back with the intention of selling them (like everything else) and they got shuffled away. i was in a home decor boutique downtown last week and talked to the owner about her selling my stuff. she told me to call her and make an appointment next week. i'm very excited. these are in black shadow box frames. each one has the name of a faerie and eventually i'll build up the wardrobes of each faerie. i'm working on a few more right now so that in the event that she pays me for these 3 i can go buy the frames for the next 3 and take them to her.

yes, i watched it last night. for those of you 6 people (and i know you're out there, reading this and not commenting) that didn't watch it, a few points of interest.
1. there are 3 or 4 main cavemen
a. one of them, joel, works at ikea (but it's not called ikea). he is 'johnson' from those cereal commercials where the boss is always trying to get rid of him, but he can't hear him because of the crunchy cereal.
b. then there's joel's bother, andy. shannon, we know him. look!
2. in an outline, you have to have at least 2 points.

i think that's it.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


bad omen


it's a rainy day. grey skies to and from school. and this greeted me when i got home. it was not there when i left, i'm pretty sure. now my dog, jack, is a known chicken killer; but i'm almost positive he did not do this. i would blame the dingo next door. it's huge and likes to jump on small children. it took me a few seconds to figure out what this was - the head was not immediately visible. why didn't what killed it take it somewhere to eat it??? ugh!!

and where are its feet? i blame chupacabra.

Monday, October 1, 2007

the pitfalls of motherhood

yesterday, my precious 2 year-old fell and hit his mouth on the blasted marble windowsill. if we had traditional wood framed windows, this wouldn't have been so bad. he chipped one tooth and the gums of his front teeth are very bruised. i am sick to think that permanent damage has been done, but i'm waiting to see if they'll heal. i'm so scared that root damage has occurred and his teeth will die. what am i to do? the only pediatric dentist in town is so overbooked that i don't think they would get us in, and what 2 year-old wants to let a stranger touch their sore teeth? i'm just praying this will be one of those normal childhood injuries that heals and we don't have to endure more drama than the hour of crying and hours of gum bleeding that has already occurred. don't think i'm negligent, though. as a mom, you learn that running off to the doctor for every bump is more traumatic to the child and the wallet than just waiting it out sometimes. thank God baby teeth are like practice teeth. you learn what not to do during the trial run.