Wednesday, October 24, 2007

attention nerds: the first 3 guests at fx have been posted

and it does not look good. although, now that they've finally started listing the guests, i will be checking in every day. so here are the first 3 guests:
erik estrada (CHiPs)
michael winslow (police academy)
tara strong (Timmy Turner's voice, Fairly Odd Parents)

last year they had a ton of guests, so i will update periodically. i hope it gets better, because this group is uber-lame.

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I'm leafing it all up to you... said...

I just went through a shower of falling leaves in my car on the way to work. it's like, raining beautiful, harmless, colorful, floaty "hello's" from God, like joseph's coat of many colors, you just can't help but smile. i know it's cheri's favorite time of year, so i bet she's totally enjoying it. toodles!