Friday, April 27, 2007

nicolas cage

he keeps getting older, but his co-star/love interests keep getting younger! i hear his next action/romance co-stars hilary duff. in '08, he's starring in a romatinc/thriller with dakota fanning.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

just a few days

yes, the official countdown is - 4 days.
4 days to the pain. got my hair done yesterday and i feel refreshed. just in time... 2 days until the shower i'm throwing for my sis. fun. cookies shaped like bras and panties. fun! i need some ideas about a good wedding speech or toast to give. maybe something from a movie. let me know if you have any ideas.

Monday, April 23, 2007

a few of my least favorite things

wednesday i was gone all day on a field trip with a group of first grade beasties. never still, never quiet, never civilized. god knew best i wouldn't be a teacher like i wanted to be as a kid. i think, secretly, little girls who imagine themselves to be teachers, really just want to boss around other little kids. when i was a kid i didn't really like little kids, too many variables, no control. good thing i love my children. it truly does come naturally, until they turn about 3 or so, then loving becomes a little bit of work. thursday was yet another field trip, but i declined to acquiesce on that one because of the previous day's experience. friday, no school. which i thought would be a good thing. sleep in, take it easy. no such luck. an early morning excursion taking one of my newly widowed grandmothers to get her hair done at a woman's house. yes, i said 'one of my newly widowed grandmothers'. i lost both my grandfathers in a week's time. the latter being on my son's birthday. the hair fiasco took 3 1/2 hours! and i was starving. she had brought the kids some of her homemade spritz cookies to nibble on and wouldn't you know it was the first day of my bread strike. i've given up eating bread - not carbs, just processed breads, but i also included desserts. btw, in case you were wondering, we don't buy chips so that's not an issue. saturday, i went to a girlfriend's house - getting lost along the way. and sunday, we had my sister and her fiance over for steak. that should catch us up.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

tink will still be hotter than me

always a step ahead, eh, dear? we will be quite a pair - the two of us.

Monday, April 16, 2007

incense & peppermint

so since i was all alone this weekend, i rented several movies. none of which i had seen. here is my take on what i saw:
scoop - hugh jackman and some other people i'm pretty sure are famous. it was a lite-hearted woody allen movie about a serial killer. much unlike his bulky wolverine character we all love to drool over, a tall, slender hugh is enchanting as a possible villian, but still heart-skippingly hot.

marie antoinette - the new kirsten dunst flick about indulgence and over spending. i really started to wonder how long it was goin to take to consumate the marriage, so i read a history book about the real antoinette before it was hinted to have happened on screen.

aeon flux - charlize theron stars in this futuristic movie about upheaval in a utopian society that thrives on scientifically driven cloning/reincarnation. based on the mtv cartoon, but with more clothes. it was interesting and i almost want to check out the old cartoons to see how it compared.

superman returns - new comer brandon routh takes on the tights in this fantastic action packed sequel to the 1980's series of films, sparking renewed interest in the hunky hero. brandon routh as superman is truly hunky, but not so much as clark. this shows how innovative of an actor he is. most previous superdudes (duds) relied on the glasses to hide their super-persona. brandon becomes two people (truth) as believably as haley mills in the parent trap (sarcasm) - but with much better special effects.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

cards & cd's

so i sent my card swap packages a couple of days late. but my 2 readers got theirs, so i'm happy. i also received both of theirs and liked the cards very much. i will be injecting my car with my new cd's tomorrow. yeah! i know my cd had no really new music, but i put songs that i like or reminded me of good times on there, so... if you hate it, give it to someone you don't like, if you like it let me know i'm not alone. i know i didn't recognize one name on tink's cd, so this'll be fun and kelly, i love weezer! especially old weezer. it's late now. g'nite.

Friday, April 13, 2007

feeling groovy - not really

wow. that was actually a song. i know i haven't written in a few, so i thought i'd leave something here. now i can't really think of anything. i only have 17 days. wow, that's so soon. watched the office last night. when are jim and karen going to break up???? i don't like the jim/pam cliffhanger. is roy gone for good? tune in next week to see the next installment in this exciting series. i don't know what i'm going to do this weekend. probably try to finish painting. since i started around thanksgiving. ugh. relient k concert at house of blues may 13, 14. i'm not sure but i really want to go. weird al in melbourne on may 24. i think the tickets are like $60 each. ouch!
creed ate a potato.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

blades of glory?

okay, so i saw it. the girls and i went to orlando for a belated birthday excursion. we explored downtown disney and the virgin records megastore. i finally got a cbgb t-shirt. i love it. not like real love, but i luv it. so anyway, we bought matinee tickets for blades of glory, it was either that or meet the robinsons. i want to take bailey to that, though. so we laid aside our sense of moral indignity and enjoyed the movie. i firmly believe that will ferrell is behind the naughty stuff - almost every movie he's in has that stuff - different directors! anyway, i still laughed, then forgot most of the bad stuff. did i say naughty? i don't know - sorry. ate dinner at planet hollywood. fun.

Friday, April 6, 2007

worst mug shot ever

back from pre-op. i'm a little nervous - i don't want to die!!! then i'm like, this is out-patient. i'll be okay. i had to have pics taken. awkward. 24 days to go. i was given like 4 or 5 rx slips. no wonder these hollywood people get hooked on rx drugs with all the work they have done!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

mrs. jim halpert

i know it's been a week since i've been on here. sorry to my one reader. i've been 30 for a week now and i'm finally 98% well. my pre-op appt is tomorrow. i'm a little nervous, but mostly excited just to get this over with. i am still working on my card swap bundles. i was doing so well, i thought... now i've got 2 days to finish. well, i'm almost done. my mom was here for a few days after my birthday, but we mostly did wedding stuff with my sister. i'm excited about the bridesmaid dress we finally settled on. green. always a good green eyes, red hair color. speaking of which, i need a touch-up on my roots. and i think i'm going to order color contacts. what do i care what anyone else thinks? i'm already married! my mother-in-law gave me a butt-load of lord of the rings action figures. put together with the few i already owned, i now have 42. including shelob, the disgusting giant spider. i could shoot my own lotr trilogy with the figures. that would be kindof funny. like those shows i watched as a teen on nick. um, kablam! that's what it was called. my dwight schrute bobblehead is agreeing with me. okay, you can stop now. kiss up. my office calendar has jim halpert as mr. april. yea! i finished reading the novel behind one of my recent fave movies, the prestige. it was written by christopher priest. and it's almost nothing like the movie. the movie was so awesome, i kept mulling it over for days and figuring things out. the book was involved and very good, but very different from the movie. i like both, but feel i need to view them as separate entities with the same people involved. i think that's enough for today. aloha, cheerio, au revior, sayanara (did i spell that right?)