Wednesday, March 27, 2013

lessons learned in the workplace...

back in the workplace for 3 years now. 1 1/2 years spent at dsw. yes, THAT dsw. shooooooz! my take home pay diminished with each new shipment. then, at some point, i became immune to shoes. seriously. it took a really great pair to get me excited.

1 1/2 years + now, at my present place of employment. i will not go over the pros and cons between the two places. however, i have learned some things that you may not immediately know when it comes to workplace etiquette and politics.

1. working with your husband is not always a dream come true.
~no comment.

2. if your baby chick is sick - i mean, about to die - and needs attention, bringing it to work - even if you work in a cave - is apparently frowned upon. you may feel that explaining that this much beloved creature would die if you hadn't nursed it back to health, albeit at work. your boss will still look at you like:
(seriously, though, remove all the funky weirdness, and he's identical.)

3. texting your boss to let him know you'll be late because of a delivery/repair man - also frowned upon.
~maybe you text because this is what you'll hear on the other end:
(i think he's wearing a girdle)

4. when said baby chick dies, don't expect any pity. he will tell you you should have stayed home or he would have given you the $3 to replace it.
~the very notion!

5. getting upset because of an unexpected day off of work getting swapped for your actual day off, when said day off falls on or near your birthday may be premature. don't mention anything. be an adult about it. and when boss says, "you don't really need to come in on friday", be gracious. say "ok", and praise the Lord!