Sunday, January 27, 2008

let's hear it for the boys, part 2

for the few of you who've known me since high school, the following entries will make sense. everyone else, bear with me...

yes, with a 5 year-old brother, i watched 'the mighty morphin power rangers'. the original, not all these crazy new generations. my favorite was tommy the green ranger. i had an action figure of tommy that i would keep in the front pocket of my overalls. (hahaha) this is tommy the green ranger. as rob schneider would say, 'lookin' good!'

i was also a huge 'x-files' freak. this is smoking man. he would always be in the shadows knowing things and hardly speaking. nice man. $10

also with a guest spot on x-files (check my previous entry). talking to the enigma was like talking to anyone else. really.

nathan fillion has been on two guys and a girl, serenity, firefly, waitress, one life to live, etc.

let's hear it for the boys, part 1

last year with ray park. aka darth toad.

this year we saw ray park again. and even with my change of hair, he recognized us!!! again, very nice. we told him our secret nickname for him, darth toad. did my eyes double in size since last year?

buffy's xander. he's nice. getting old, eh?

no soup for you!
the soup nazi was a nice guy.

$5, or was it $10?

this guy's from jericho. no one was in his line and i felt kindof bad. don't tell him that though. it is a very interesting show.

i need a hero

i know he's all scruffy, but this is stephen tobolowsky that has been in everything. he played 'needle-nose' ned on groundhog day. he currently stars on heroes as bob. he is a great guy and in his spare time he talked to my mom on my cell phone. which rocked! he also came out, took me to the side and jotted a note to my mom so i didn't have to pay the $25 for an autograph. cost of this pic $10. jb, in a weird way, he kindof looks like your dad. hahaha

yes, this is greg grunberg. he is currently on heroes, but has been on lost, alias and felicity. very nice guy. mom, i asked him who shot nathan and he didn't know. so i told him the 'west shooting nathan' theory and he had this look on his face like that was an excellent theory and very possibly true. 'what a great idea.'

george takei. seen rolling in the aisles laughing at the premier of 'galaxy quest'. seen in a cameo on 'psych'. he told me his character's name was george takei, but he was playing william shatner. as sulu on 'star trek' and now hiro's dad on 'heroes' - it was a once in a lifetime chance to meet such an icon.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

ladies first

i know some of you will not see this until monday, but i couldn't wait. so here goes:

this is elisabeth rohm. she was on 'law & order' for several seasons. she is pregnant. we saw her coming out of the ladies' room after meeting her. so funny. cost of snapshot $5

helen slater. not holding up as well as we would wish. she did play supergirl and starred in 'the legend of billie jean' which i think is awesome.

stacy keanan. some of you may remember her from 'my two dads' and 'step by step' with cute, yet domestic batterer sasha mitchells. we took this pic, then her handler tried to charge us $10. too late. sorry, stace.

zoe bell. keep your eyes peeled, she will be appearing on a few episodes in this season of lost. she liked my necklace - which i made. oh, between her shoulder and my chin is the voice behind many a cartoon character including timmy turner, powerpuff girls and rugrats. cool.

tink, remember that show we watched at ben and carrie's house, 'who wants to be a superhero?'? this is fat momma. she is awesome. her utility belt has donuts on it.

'honey, you need to eat...'

also from 'wwtbas?' is monkeywoman. she has the banana utility belt. very nice.

Friday, January 25, 2008

like manna to the children of miserable

last night i saw a rare, near extinct thing. a new episode of chuck. i have gone without fresh, scripted, primetime network television for an interminable amount of time. and it's not even summer - the land of re-runs and realiTV. there were 2 new episodes aired last night, but, alas the republican debate was scheduled to overrule the second episode. so i'm back to relying on the internet to watch my shows. the only oasis i see is the next seasons of the new adventures of old christine and survivor. though, i hate johnny fairplay.

by the way, this is how zachary levi really looks:

Thursday, January 24, 2008

my revised outfit and funky fresh hair

okay, i found a new top at target this morning. {thanks for your vote, tink} i got a little cami to go with it. what do you think? i tried to dress my avatar like me. i also colored my hair and trimmed one side. i feel like it's cherry koolaid, but i've had wilder colors before. comments...?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

in lighter news...

zippo. just kidding.
i'm trying to finalize my outfit for the 'nerd convention' what do you think? the shirt may look blousy, but it is a good cut and tailored to fit right.

what about the red ballet slippers? i'll tie them in with the red jeweled necklace.

oh yeah, my purse. harajuku, originally $48, got it for $10. brand new. i thought since it is a sci-fi/anime/comic book/toy convention, i can have fun with my purse.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

the pitfalls of superstardom

what is going on, here? it's like drugs and fame go hand in hand. why is it never the person you would expect? you know, like keith richards, or brittany? i'm just still in so much shock.

Heath Ledger, 28

River Phoenix, 23

Chris Farley, 33

more dental stuff

yesterday i woke up and noticed a little more chipping on my front tooth. so i called the cosmetic dentist and got in yesterday. they want me to first go through zoom whitening - $550. (listerine whitening strips - $27) then, they want to put 4 veneers on me - $5000. ha! something about my crooked teeth. mind you, they are symmetrically crooked. no worse that kristen dunst's teeth. she doesn't seem to mind. so they want to bond my teeth - a temporary solution (10 - 15 years) for $500. so it seems the least i'm going to squeak by with is $500. hopefully, we can sell the car and the camper and it won't be such a big deal. sigh...

Friday, January 18, 2008

jane austen and the neilsen ratings

last night my sis and my gal shannon went to a jane austen one woman show at the community college. it was sooo good. it was like meeting jane herself. what was really neat is that i'm reading becoming jane austen and some of the things i've just read were mentioned last night. i'm like, 'yeah, i knew that!' well worth the $5. sorry for the extremely poor photo quality. and my poor hair quality. it's better the second day.

i got a call this morning from the neilsen rating company asking for our input. i have wanted to be part of the neilsen rating system since the fifth grade. i really was a weird nerd-child. so now i get to let someone else in on the morbidly exorbitant amount of tv watching that goes on in our house.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

odd things you remember

i want to give a birthday shout out to my best friend from the first grade, shelly scriver. today is her birthday, and although i haven't seen her since my wedding (1999) and once in 1993, i still remember that today is her birthday. weird, huh?

by the way, this guy graduated when i was in first grade. as a kid, i always thought he looked like barry manilow. what do you think?

ps, what weirdo 7 year-old knows who barry manilow is? poor barry, now that i look at this pic, it's almost like a caricature of him. the huge basset hound eyes and the jimmy durante nose. he's like a freak of nature. i'm pretty sure he's had work done. check it out:

he almost looks like rod stewart now.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

busy, busy day

tonite my sister and her husband are coming over for dinner. i am so busy. and tired. i re-organized and cleaned out my pantry. much easier to see what you have when everything is in groups and in the right place. we have waaaaay too much coffee. especially for people who make it less than 6 times a year. i bought a new calendar. nuns having fun. this month is snow skiing. off to pick up dot from school. then grocery shopping. vacuuming. folding laundry. tidying. cooking. etc. think i'll take a short nap.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

weekend craft-meister

this weekend i crafted like a rockstar. i found some awesome material for $3/yd and re-upholstered a mauve swivel rocker that came from someone's granny. it's amazing what you can do with a staple gun, hot glue gun and some upholstery tacks. i measured and bought some trim. as i was applying it, i found i was 3" short. i think the lady's calculation was off, because i added several inches to my measurement. so i found a bow and placed it over the deficit. i like how it looks. then, i tackled my dining chairs with some sale fabric. i also dyed a few shirts and my jane austen dress from a drab grey-green to a fabulous blue. i think jane would be proud that i was re-purposing. i intend to add some embellishments to make it authentic. my current fascination has moved on from vampires to jane austen. this weekend, i had a self-imposed austen film festival. persuasion, sense and sensibility, mansfield park. i'm also reading the jane austen handbook and becoming jane austen. my mom worries i'll become so ensconced that something will happen and i'll be thrust back in time and stuck with the georgians. how awesome is my mom?

Friday, January 11, 2008

i can't believe my mom bought the wonderfalls disc set after watching 7 minutes on youtube!

once upon a time, there was a teenage girl who loved the x-files. there was one episode that was particularly memorable. mulder and scully traveled to gibsonton, florida, to investigate some weird murders. now, gibsonton is a real town in florida that was once home to circus people, carnies, and side-show 'freaks'. i say once because these unique people that make their lives and living (2 different things) off of their differences are a dying breed. sure, people are born with deformities every day, but their parents aren't as likely to exploit them by selling them to ringling brothers like they would have during the 1800's or the depression. that being said, my high school girlfriend and i always wanted to take a trip to 'gibtown', but we never did. this may be partly due to the fact that we had no internet maps and our aaa map did not locate gibsonton. like, such as, the iraq...

back to x-files...

in this episode, a side character was this jigsaw puzzle tattooed man that pulled a gollum and ate a raw fish by the lake that he'd caught with his bare hands. i'd all but forgot about one of my first (of many) somewhat disturbing memories caused by x-files, until i checked the fx guest list again....

the enigma will be at fx this year, and i'm weirdly excited to see him in person.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

what is this, spring fever?

i'm sort of obsessing about this gardening thing and have drawn out plans for my vegetable garden, my front 'lawn'(those of you who've been to my house know this is a loose term) landscaping, and have started the clippings for my side fence jasmine. we need some serious tree trimming, though. too much shade as is. and i hate spanish moss! i hope the hubby will be on board for this. i also have an idea for the exterior painting of the house. oh the ideas, and not the $$$. i will receive 11 trees from the arbor day foundation in return for my donation. i did it last year, but delayed in planting and they did not last. that will not happen this year.

Monday, January 7, 2008

plant fetishes and home life

in my mind's eye, i'm going crazy with the planting and gardening and it's going to look beautiful out there. i can't wait. trees and climbing flowers and vegetables. then there's the flat screen that will be here this week. yea verily! and the hubby is giving up the hunting lease in ga, and selling the camper! hooray! he also partially approved the dismissal of our bedroom furniture. we're still discussing the particulars about the bed. then, there's the issue of him making up to me being gone two weekends in a row. i'm thinking trip to o-town to indoctrinate him in the ways of ikea. and shop around for the lovely new european bed.

Friday, January 4, 2008

gearing up for the 'nerd convention'

fx 2008 is right around the corner, and i'm so excited. there have quite a few new additions to the guest list that are going to make this year awesome!