Tuesday, January 8, 2008

what is this, spring fever?

i'm sort of obsessing about this gardening thing and have drawn out plans for my vegetable garden, my front 'lawn'(those of you who've been to my house know this is a loose term) landscaping, and have started the clippings for my side fence jasmine. we need some serious tree trimming, though. too much shade as is. and i hate spanish moss! i hope the hubby will be on board for this. i also have an idea for the exterior painting of the house. oh the ideas, and not the $$$. i will receive 11 trees from the arbor day foundation in return for my donation. i did it last year, but delayed in planting and they did not last. that will not happen this year.


Shannon said...

Now to see that hair color change in real life would be quite the adventure haha....nice goth you

Shannon said...

and vammpire you....haha

momski said...

wow, your avatar looks amazing!!