Thursday, November 29, 2007

pushing daisies, starring: ned schneebly????

i was shocked and delighted to see school of rock alumn, mike white (aka the real ned schneebly), in pushing daisies last night. it did air (at 9 pm)!! it also guested molly shannon. unfortunately, ned schneebly (not his character's name in the pd episode), did not live very long. neither did seinfeld nemesis, banya (not sure of the spelling). 'it's gold, jerry! gold!'
oh, ned (the real, pushing daisies, ned. pie-maker ned), why did you tell chuck you killed her dad????? this does not bode well.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

the wrapping and wrapping

so i did some shopping this morning at my 'blah' place. walmart. i did get some deals on dvd's. and i don't buy wrapping paper. i buy brown craft paper and masking tape. between the 2 - $3. it gives an old fashion post office feeling and i don't feel bad when all that paper gets tossed. do you know how long it takes to wrap a million dvd's? okay, maybe not a million, but it feels like it!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


i must say, last night's episode of chuck was really good. heroes brought it, too. i'm down to being sick of only half of the wonder-less twins now that sylar (my close personal friend) offed one last night. there will be no pushing daisies this week due to some special on abc that night.


last wednesday, i went with two friends to see august rush. as much as i love (luuuuuuuuuuuuv) johnathan rhys meyers (above), i just feel unsatisfied with the movie. it's a weird music-spawned version of oliver twist in which always cute and believable freddie highmore plays evan (august rush) lost in new york searching for the parents (meyers & keri russell) he never knew. the worst is robin williams, looking like u2's bono, as the seemingly caring, yet ultimately malevolent fagan character. you absolutely hate him and wish he would get run over by a subway train, arrested violently or at least punched out by smokin' meyers. but no, he gets to spend his last moment of the film underground, playing his harmonica and continuing his life of exploiting the musical talents of 'poor orphans and runaways' (a ragged army, without a leader...). like a symphony, at the climax of the film, there's evan/august conducting an orchestra. his music has, as he said from the beginning, drawn his parents to him and to back each other whom they haven't seen since the one night they met 12 years ago. they don't say a word, just standing there watching their son (she knows, he doesn't) and little evan feels it and turns and sees them together - somehow knowing that they're his parents, though he's never seen them before. the end. no resolution. no flash forward. i need more info, people!
it was like biting into and chewing the most delicious toasted sandwich with melted havarti, bacon, avocado and a pesto mayo and it's warm with crisp bitter greens on a buttery croissant, and then: 'whoops, spit it out now. you've had a taste. that's all you get.'
the satisfaction is in the conclusion: the swallowing, as it were. and this movie sorely misses that last, important step.
i should be paid for this.

Monday, November 26, 2007

a bit much?

my latest acquisition. i've never seen the whole thing and i just read in entertainment weekly that this is the best restored version out there. here's the kicker. i bought it on it was $20. if you sign up for an visa, you get a $30 credit. so i just got this for free. no, i won't be using my visa for anything else. so excited, except that i have to wait until after christmas to enjoy it. shannon, maybe we could have a silent movie night...

Friday, November 23, 2007

too stuffed to tango

okay, i think i did pretty good (or well, if you are picky) yesterday. i didn't go crazy. no breakfast, dinner, and just a small wedge of onion pie for supper. 2 bites each of dementhe-ed chocolate cheesecake and pumpkin pie supreme. both my semi-homemade creations. get your copy of my recipes in time for christmas! today i went shopping with mom, but not at 5 am! more like 8 am. best buy, jo-ann fabrics, payless, ross, tj maxx, books-a-million. that's it. i think i spent $100. $50 on 2 new pairs of jeans for me. not getting them altered. the last pair was a nice pair of abercrombie jeans from tj maxx. longs. i took them to get profesh altered and she made them too short. now i have to cuff them to make varying degrees of capri pants. annoying. so i got some nice dkny's and a pair of bandolino's (ever heard of them? not me. but they fit nice.) i'm so over the super low rise pants and having to hike them up all the time. i'm a woman now, making my own decisions, branching out. i think a nice flattering (and muffin top controlling - not that i have that problem, the low-rise jeans create that problem.) mid-rise will suit me just fine. so nice to have more than one pair of jeans for church now. to some of my possibly more traditional church-going audience - jeans are my uniform for life and my church is quite casual. it is florida and all. going to start back up with the exercising to be toned for that reunion in june. lord, help me. maybe i can stick with it. just 7 months! i can do that. thanks for reading. and if you made it this far, kudos!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

almost turkey day

doesn't that adam sandler song come to mind??? my rents are on their way with my bro right now. i've already prepared, but not baked, the onion pie. trust me, it's fa-bu-lous. also on the docket:
chocolate cheesecake with mini andes candies in it
oh so easy and oh so delish mashed potatoes
suped up stuffing

if any of my 3 responding audience wants any recipes, let me know. i bought some pomegranates and i love them. like eating rubies with little crunchy centers. it's nice to know that they are sooo good for you, too.

my grandmother is doing much better now, and living back in her house.

aren't you loving my animated avatar? no one says a thing. i change her every day.

Monday, November 19, 2007

the sweater saga

so 10 years ago, i bought a humongous wool sweater in england at this cool little shoppe. i've only worn it like, twice because it is so huge. (so why did you buy it?) it was the '90s, you know grunge and everything was so oversized. i was trying to figure out what to do with it, because i want to wear it. i thought, maybe if i sew in new seams with yarn and cut off the excess, but i was afraid of it unravelling. what to do. what to do. then it came to me: shrink it in the wash! it's wool. wool shrinks. so saturday night i set out to do just that. i put it in the washer on hot and watched the entire cycle. i shoved a key into that slot thingy to keep it running with the lid open. then i put it in the dryer. i was hoping to felt it, but it kindof got half-felted. not that it's weird or anything. so it's really close now, but a little boxy. so i might go ahead and take it in a little more. but it's still scratchy. maybe too much work for a sweater, i don't know. i'm hanging on to it because of the memories, but i'd still like to wear it.

meet my new friend - she needs a name

i made this sweet kitty the other day. designed her myself. but she needs a name. i have a lot more of this material to make more kitties. you don't even want to know what this material is leftover from. okay, i'll tell you anyway. a friend of a friend (and fellow dctalk fan) is getting married and said glue friend was throwing a lingerie shower for her. which is why i found myself sewing loincloths this past week. said kitty is made from the leftovers. i know i have very secretive readers, but now is the time to pipe up and suggest names. i implore you.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

the light at the end of the dental drill

yesterday i took dot to the first of 3 appts. at the dentist to correct her state of disrepair. she came away with a pulled tooth, a pirate tooth (stainless steel crown), and a couple fillings. next visit will be another pulled tooth and a couple fillings, then 2 weeks later, she'll have a spacer (like an anchored behind the teeth retainer) put in. thankfully, there's no damage to her adult teeth. so she'll be able to outgrow all this paraphernalia in the next 4 years or so.

ps worst thing i've seen all week: high school musical on ice. oh no they didn't!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

some dentists really are evil

here's the timeline:

*take dot to the dentist for cleaning (i already knew she had cavities and told them 3 months ago.
*they schedule work for dec. 12.
*dentist office calls to tell me he won't be there dec. 12 and they'll re-schedule for february. (!)
not acceptable, i tell them. okay, i'll have the office manager call you back.
*i call a different office and they can get me in on monday, and do the work. yippee!
*we go to a lovely office, beautiful. he tells me that he cannot do the work needed for her. i have to take her to a pediatric dentist/surgeon. great. no general dentist would be able to do what needs doing.
*now i am heart-broken for her and mad as heck at the yahoo who wanted me to wait another 4 months and couldn't just tell me that he can't do it.
*i am also out $200 because the insurance won't cover a second visit/cleaning/x-rays. ever heard of second opinion?
*i cry.
*i call the ped. dentist he had mentioned, they are not taking new patients. i ask them for a name of another ped. dentist. they won't give me one. call your dentist back and ask them for a referrel. jerks.
*i call the new dentist back. she says, do you have a phone book? yeah, thanks for nothing.
*i call another office. they can see her tomorrow AND start work. sigh of relief. thank you so much!!!!!
*i get home to a message, 'i just need to ask you one more question.'
*i call back.
*i checked with your insurance, if we do the consult and the work on the same day, the insurance won't pay, so we'll just have to schedule you for the next day.
*by the way, our original dentist office still has not called back on the reschedule.

in a matter of six days, we will have gone to a dentist 3 times. make that 4 times in 7 days. so sick of this and how many times is the school going to let me check her out early???

Saturday, November 10, 2007

attention nerds: fx guest update

some anonymous red power ranger that i'm not familiar with. the sad thing is, there are several power rangers i would be familiar with. :(

erik estrada - sigh. really depressing

jason mewes - aka the jay half of 'jay and silent bob'

helen slater - the legend of billie jean is one of the best 80's movies. watch it!

tara strong - cartoon voicing (double sigh)

soup nazi!!!!!

michael winslow - mr. voice effects from police academy.

and that rounds it out for now. i'm super psyched about helen slater and soup nazi. hope more get scheduled, though. i would think that the writer's strike would provide more temporarily out of work actors for this sort of thing. maybe......

Friday, November 9, 2007

loving facebook!!

so tink turned me on to facebook and i love it! i'm a vampire and a werewolf and i can sucker-punch and drop-kick people all the time. and they like it! i shanked my bro and my bff in one day! awesome! spent hours with me mum today, cleaning dot's room. what a pack rat! i have no idea where she gets it from (me).
hugs and bites!

Thursday, November 8, 2007


my last halloweenish image until next year. sorry, i've been a little sick lately and not in the mood to try to come up with something funny and original for my blogster. the blogmeister, blogatony, blogman, bloggerific. anyway, having a feud with the dentist that wants to wait until my child's teeth rot out before trying to fix them. i'm not waiting 4 months for you to fill in cavities that you've already known about for 3 months!!! fuming...
and just so you know, there weren't really witches in salem in the 17th century. they just moved there later. and there is a secret school there. just like hogwarts. whoops! that's the antihistamine speaking.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

how did i do?

i did my best. so did i make it? the party was swell. i think, a success.

Friday, November 2, 2007

my first tink-worthy beauty

hands-free maneuverability!!
i whipped up this new cutie yesterday. it is a small pouch that is big enough to hold essentials. and for us girls that means, lipgloss & a credit card. i put a pocket inside that fits your license, and visa. the straps have a generous endowment of velcro for adjustability. i love my anti-fanny pack hip pouch. and i plan on making more. i got this material as a remnant at jo-ann's and it was $.84!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

halloweeny shopping spree

this is last night. my little witch and woody. he loved it!

okay, i hit the sale at target this morning. too much?