Saturday, November 10, 2007

attention nerds: fx guest update

some anonymous red power ranger that i'm not familiar with. the sad thing is, there are several power rangers i would be familiar with. :(

erik estrada - sigh. really depressing

jason mewes - aka the jay half of 'jay and silent bob'

helen slater - the legend of billie jean is one of the best 80's movies. watch it!

tara strong - cartoon voicing (double sigh)

soup nazi!!!!!

michael winslow - mr. voice effects from police academy.

and that rounds it out for now. i'm super psyched about helen slater and soup nazi. hope more get scheduled, though. i would think that the writer's strike would provide more temporarily out of work actors for this sort of thing. maybe......


Shannon said...

Helen Slater is major cool, I saw both the Superman and Billy Jean. She was also in Secret of My Success.....I am pumped!

dramaqueen mom said...

don't forget city slickers!

shirley said...

[i'm assuming you're the laverne to my shirley!!!] yes, leaving tomorrow and so cool you finally answered on the blog! m'glory doesn't mind. except everyone else is reading this too... maybe we should email???
dramaqueen aka shirley

not quite fuming said...

yeah i'd appreciate it since i got all excited about having new comments and it's just a semi-public convo between me mum and her gal pal!!

tinka tinka what said...

if you want i can toss in a you're-such-an-ubergeek comment? cause seriously. you are.