Saturday, June 30, 2007


bear stole a sardine from the food bin for extra rations and this was the punishment by the legionaire corporal. he was there for hours.

Friday, June 29, 2007

the end of studio 60 & starter wife

tink defined her blog as a crafting/shopping blog. i guess mine is more of a television/dreams/kvetching blog. last night, 2 of my new favorite shows came to an end.
studio 60 was an aaron sorkin creation that was dialogue driven and brilliant - think west wing meets behind the scenes @ snl. it was an ensemble cast with some people i really enjoy watching. matthew perry, for one, amanda peet, bradley whitford, steven webber...

anyway, jordan lived, danny signed adoption papers, tom's brother was rescued, simon was willing to apologize, matt & harriet got back together.

starter wife was a usa production that had the cinematic feel of all their other hit shows. debra messing was molly, the wife of an executive producer in hollywood, living the life. she works her butt off making sure that everything he needs happens. then he calls her up early one morning and says he wants a divorce. now she's left with a strange assortment of friends to help her regain herself and her life: the alcoholic best friend, the gay interior designer, the mom who has adopted children from 12 different countries whose husband just accidentally cheated on her with the nanny who looks just like her from behind, the super executive(her husband's boss) who asks her out then fakes his own death only to come back to life at his own funeral, the newly evicted security guard and her grandmother, and the hunky homeless ex-con beach bum who saves her from drowning.

anyway, molly and kenny fired their lawyers and split everything 50/50, joan joined aa and stayed sober for 6 months, rodney found his footing and became designer to the music stars, cricket found out she was pregnant and finally let go of the picture of her hubby and the russian floosy, lou and molly got together for real, then she broke it off, lavender became rodney's designing assistant, grangran moved in with mrs. coldecot, and sam finally gets a job and swoops in when molly is ready for him.

between the two i almost cried. i'm kindof sad that they're over, but they were resolved and i feel good.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

moving day?

today we move oma into an assisted living place. life is weird.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

my faerie tale dream house

this is my faerie tale dream house. i love this picture. i really am a hobbit/7 dwarves/sleeping beauty/witch of blackbird pond at heart.

i couldn't 'bear' not including this pic. he'll collect the nuts and berries.

my dream house

i was looking thru a real estate book for my town when i found this house. it is so perfect! 5 bedrooms, living room and family room (with room for a pool table). i can feel the longing. and the price is so close to just right. by the way, tink, it has a pool. i would love to have this house.
why do we need so many rooms? 2 kids, guest room, craft room = 5 bedrooms. now i have to talk to the hubby.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

desperately seeking snoozin'

i can put my new shoes on too, tinkersmell. american eagle @ payless. do you love it?
i am jonesin' for some good sleep, though.

eyes without a face

so tink and i go to this billy idol concert. it was rather small, one of those parking lot concerts. at the end he invites a rather large group to party with him. tink and i are standing there, and i'm like, 'hey, what about us?!'
'hmmm,' he says as he looks me over, 'let me see your eyes.' so i take off my sunglasses, glad that i had paid careful attention to my eye make-up. he gives me another quick look-over and says, 'no way, man, you've got sponges for eyeballs!'

Sunday, June 24, 2007

someone's in the kitchen with cyanide

so my mom is here to help my grandma. she wanted to take her home with her to take care of her, but now my mom is at the edge being driven crazy. she's got the stink eye all of the time and my grandma doesn't believe anyone's sensible answers to her outlandish 'problems'. the assisted living is on the horizon and there's a bad moon on the rise.

Friday, June 22, 2007

another disappointing movie

the fountain.
okay, i missed it in the theatre. i don't remember seeing adds for the dvd release. so i bought it on ppv. tivo and all.
i settled in to watch it all snuggly in my bed.
it starts with hugh as a conquistador in south america somewhere. and he is having flashbacks to the queen sending him off. like 3 second scenes with no talking. he makes it thru this temple and encounters some mayan priest who stabs him and slashes at him with a torch. screaming...
now, in the meditating buddha position, we have hugh bald, looking like nosferatu. floating in a bubble where his companion is a tree. he flies down and lands lightly next to the tree. he then proceeds to have a repetition of the same flashback over and over.
we find out that rachel weis is his wife and she has a brain tumor. he is a doctor trying to find a cure for her. he operates on monkeys. he figures out that if he adds this compound from south american tree to some medication, it should work. they try it on the monkey who proceeds to get younger and healthier while the tumor stays put. his wife dies just before he discovers that he would've been able to remove her tumor safely if she had been treated with this new mix. several repeated flashbacks later, we realize that noferatu hugh is floating in this bubble through space to a nebula with the tree which is now his wife, so that when they are sucked into the nebula and explode, their new lives can begin.

weird, weird, weird

and a waste of my energy. very dark, quiet and disappointing for a hugh jackman film that i thought would be a love story about a couple who drank from the fountain of youth centuries ago and we follow them through time. that's what it should have been about!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

girls night in

so my friends and i are planning a sleepover. movies, fondue, karaoke, hair and makeup. i'm so excited! but i want some input on good movies for this. i'm thinking xanadu, 13 going on 30... need help with more. and maybe good ideas for some fun stuff to do. but i need feedback!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

gilmore girls reunion

gilmore girls reunion movie link

who would i be?

babette? no. although i feel as disconjointed as her sometimes.

miss patty? no.

liz, gypsy, lulu? no, no, no.

i'm not a rory or a lane.

would that make me sort of a lorelei, i do have an emily in my life.

elizabeth could be a lane, i think.

every lorelei needs her sookie.

i just read that amy sherman-palladino (sp) wants to do a 2 hour GG reunion movie. just what i've been saying for a month!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

emily gilmore, mr. wizard & the health dept.

first of all, i want to acknowledge that mr. wizard died this past week. i owe my love of science to him - he was awesome, more so than his canadian youth counterparts.
so i'm still responsible for the convalescing, german emily gilmore. and that's not really her name, just her personality. i haven't seen her since sunday and here's why:
e.g. 'i don't know what i'm going to do. i can't make that trip to north carolina.'
j.t. 'well, i can get that camper i wanted and you can live in it. it would be like your own apartment.'
e.g. 'no!'
j.t. 'then (b.t.) can live in it and you can take her room.'
e.g. 'i can't live with you, the health department wouldn't let me live in those conditions.'

okay, 2 kids and 2 dogs does not make for squalor!!!
i was totally insulted.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

another new day

thanks for your comments on my last post. i feel alot better today. especially after i 'laid my burden on the altar' this morning. i love you guys!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

a place most miserable

i got home from my trip to my mom's to a home where a man has lived for 5 days and not fed the fish of watered the plants or swept the floor. in addition, he left the following day to go out of town for the rest of the week. this wouldn't be so bad except that i'm am now caring for my grandmother who has had a sudden and rapid decline in her mental facilities. i don't mind caring for her, but she feels she has to keep reminding me how bad she's doing. that's all she talks about.
jesus take the wheel!

Saturday, June 9, 2007


poor poor paris... booooo hooooooo! i can barely see through my tears to type this. she didn't do anything to deserve such harsh treatment. i mean drunk driving a couple of times. driving without her license a couple times. violating probation a couple of times. i mean, it's not like she should be treated like all the scum of the earth that is everyone else except platinum members of the celebutante club. (my membership card was lost in the mail) it's not like anyone was in danger. it's not like she broke any laws. i think it's just that everyone is jealous and vindictive of her obvious beauty and well-bred upbringing.
paris hilty serving a 45 day sentence.
that's hot.
do you love it?

Thursday, June 7, 2007

bus driver butt

i drove over 7 hours straight yesterday to visit me mum. we went through 4 movies.
finding nemo
home on the range
harry potter and the goblet of fire
all i had was a few bites of a bad gas station sandwich and a few cheez-its washed down with a little gatorade.
my bro graduates today and won't be at my sister's wedding, so it's my last chance to see him before college.
my friend wrote a song she wants me to sing and we got together last week so she could sing it for me as a demo.
how many more disconjointed sentences of roughly the same length can i type out before i run out of ideas?
happy june 7 to everyone!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

our weird family tree

my sister's getting married next month. on the biggest wedding day of the last quarter century 07/07/07. see if you can follow:
she's marrying a guy whose sister is married to my husband's cousin's half brother.
pretty much, we're going to be related to that family on both sides.
my brother-in-law's sister
joe's cousin's wife
same person.
at least no blood relations.

connect the dots and you get a map of freakin' alabama!
-christine campbell, the new adventures of old christine

Monday, June 4, 2007

i'm not josie grossie anymore!!!!

but i once was.

in junior high i was sooo josie grossie. i had nothing going for me. bad hair: check. braces: check. glasses: check. baby fat: check. questionable hygiene: check. few friends: double check.

maybe some of you (all 4 of you) reading this have seen never been kissed and thought, things aren't really that bad. people don't really do those things. think again. if you were treated like this yourself, let me know and we can compare notes. if you treated someone like this, shame on you. here is just a sampling:

having the nicknames dead grass (which evolved into), weedwacker - because of my frizzle frazzle hair

every boy in the class tossing little paper wads into my hair because it would stick

having a phone relationship with a boy for weeks only to find out that it was 2 girls in my class prank calling me - and everyone knew

being elected class president, but then the class is convinced by a cool guy that they should impeach me

having a particularly gifted artist render a drawing of me simpson's-style. very unflattering

being allowed to select our own seats in a class based on gpa. i was first, and then no one sat within a 6 foot radius of me by the end of it

being asked (in a mocking way) by a very large mean girl why my teeth were yellow - do you see the irony?

being ambushed by a gang of boys and totally covered in shaving cream. it was supposed to be an initiation for our new youth pastor. we were given cans of gillette and told to get him, but they surrounded me, and i became stay puft. surprisingly not as fun as it sounds

going to a new school (new start, right?) and having the amazon twins shove me in a shower in the locker room. yeah, and the water was on. and cold

high school past with me being neither popular or unpopular - i simply did not exist.

my renaissance came when i went to college (albeit a concentration camp with the barbed wire pointed in) and was blessed with a few of the best friends a girl could have. and in a nonconformist sort of way, we were popular. i was popular! swarms of guys around us like flies on a carcass. granted, i never dated any of them.

but tink did. love you!!

i'm not josie grossie anymore.

i'm not josie grossie anymore.

i'm not josie grossie anymore!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

triscuits & havarti

that's right. the only thing missing is a fine wine. although, i do not know what exactly makes a fine wine fine, but you know. i wouldn't consider having had any 'fine' wine. just some $5 stuff that made hubby's cheeks turn red. cheap stuff.
i just found out that a guy i went to school with portrayed someone on america's most wanted. hahaha! that's funny. i'm gonna hafta find that.

universal orlando islands of adventure
the wizarding world of harry potter
20+ acres of wizarding magic
hogwarts castle
forbidden forest

i'm so there!

in 2 years.

Friday, June 1, 2007

crikey! now that's a beauty.

i have so much going through my mind and yet, so little to say. tink's really nervous about her surgery. i know she'll get through it alright, but the following week will be tough. i hope you have a 24 hr caretaker lined up for that first week.
love you, dear.