Saturday, September 4, 2010

back to work

okay, so it's been 6+ years of not working outside the home. what with the kids and all... so when the boy started kindergarten 2 weeks ago...

i decided to go back to work. just during school hours. and i got a job! at DSW shoes! yea, shooz! yea, employee discount! so i did a little work-clothes shopping at ross...

yes, i don't know what happened - lots of black and grey, but then i can wear colorful jewelry. and what's up with the scarf? i have plans...
so whilst shopping, i couldn't help getting a little helen of troy action...
blurry phone pic
it was only $20, but i couldn't justify it. and i'm not gonna wear it while scrubbing toilets.
my orientation was yesterday, and i put together my outfit.
belted grey long shirt, dark wash capris, fun cuff bracelet, dangly earrings, smoky navy necklace, navy strappy sandals. i felt good. i have fun plans for wednesday, my first official day o' work.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

now the other day...

i showed a book that i made instead of doing housework. just to clarify, i have cleaned the house.
and no, i won't post 'before' pics.
the trunk in the living room, my mom gave me when i was 20. i worked really hard redoing the interior. but i've never touched the exterior. so i finally redid it as an end table...
before: kitty-boy loves to get right in the middle of the action
i found some faux leather contact paper at the hardware store on clearance for $5!

close up of 'leather' grain

found some great drawer pulls at said store for less than $2 a piece!
it took a lot of grunting and sweat, but i managed to get the hardware off the front and
i will replace the latch. it made it much easier to cover.

hubby was nice enough to get a piece of glass cut at work to fit on the top for my lamp and phone and coasters. thanks to janabanana for the awesome leather coasters!