Wednesday, September 1, 2010

now the other day...

i showed a book that i made instead of doing housework. just to clarify, i have cleaned the house.
and no, i won't post 'before' pics.
the trunk in the living room, my mom gave me when i was 20. i worked really hard redoing the interior. but i've never touched the exterior. so i finally redid it as an end table...
before: kitty-boy loves to get right in the middle of the action
i found some faux leather contact paper at the hardware store on clearance for $5!

close up of 'leather' grain

found some great drawer pulls at said store for less than $2 a piece!
it took a lot of grunting and sweat, but i managed to get the hardware off the front and
i will replace the latch. it made it much easier to cover.

hubby was nice enough to get a piece of glass cut at work to fit on the top for my lamp and phone and coasters. thanks to janabanana for the awesome leather coasters!


momski said...

Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabulous! Love how you still used the dresser under the counter and you can still stick junk in the drawers hidden from view! great job and great to see you have the energy to do it!

Shannon said...

It really does look good. I so will enlist you when I want something crafty done.

noordinarysparrow said...

Awe, I got kudos in your blog! I would love to use those coasters sometime ;) So, this is what happens when you send the kids away to school? Lots of projects done? Hmm, sounds like I might need to think about that some more ;) Hey, why haven't we talked in WAY too long?