Wednesday, April 30, 2008

it's the daily double!

i just remembered that i vowed to my gal pals that we would get tickets to the (wait for it...) new kids on the block reunion tour. let's see how they look.

then (notice that donny's overalls are, in fact, inside-out):

now (i still think john's the cutest. though joey hasn't changed.):for those who don't know:jordan, danny, joey, donny, john

has danny started morphing into seth green?

what did she say???

i am not embarrassed to say that i have avidly been following american idol this season. i have not done so since the clay aiken syndrome. so we're down to 5 and i voted for david cook last night. i really want him to win. he's the best of the 5 and i would buy his cd. fo sho. what was paula talking about last night? she commented on jason castro's second song and he had only sung one song. it left her feeling empty??? seriously, is she on drugs? her incoherent ramblings all season do not bode well for my chances of watching next season. we got caught into this season because of the writer's strike. congrats, american idol! now don't let me down, let's make david cook win.

pray for my gal, shannon, and her family. her mom's cancer surgery is this morning.

Monday, April 28, 2008

the eyes have it

we went to the bare escentuals store and had our eyes done.

and i did my hair. i'm going through a phase, i think.

Friday, April 25, 2008

sleepover tonite!

our local radio station is having a contest called cellphone superstar. i actually signed up, so we'll see if anything happens...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

did you know...

there are at least 30 pride & prejudice inspired sequels, series and even 'mr. & mrs. darcy mysteries'? saturday i picked up 'mr. darcy's diary' - his side of the story - and 'mr. darcy presents his bride'. both of which were rated at 4 1/2 out of five stars by b&n online customers. lucky for me since several 'sequels' were not rated very high. imagine trying to write such a book and someone comments: 'jane austen would hate this book...'. scary.
this weekend is the 'girls' sleep over'. my avatar is always ready before i am.

Friday, April 18, 2008

a miscellany

here are some updates and such:
after the beach at this kitschy (teehee) lawn ornament place.

she's here! and she's ready for action. she's a little bigger than me, but that will ensure that anything that fits her will not be too small on me.
a recent acquisition for me living room. sorry for the flash. thanks for the input shannon!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

a friend in need

in honor of my friend:
i'm here if you need me. i think i need you to need me.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

a word on arch nemesis

what's the plural for nemesis?
so pretty much at every stage in my life i've had atleast one arch nemesis.
~some of them were also my bff at the time (shelly).
~some of them didn't know they were my arch nemesis, and i never let on that they were. it was more of a secret competition thing (melissa). really, what 11 year-old can play 3 instruments and is two whole books ahead of everyone in awana's? i guess when you're not allowed to watch t.v., you get alot more done. the amway doesn't hurt either.
~another arch nemesis was so designated in my mind because she was so diabolically opposed to me. tall, tan, blonde, earning college credits while home schooling high school, get's a brand new saturn for graduation (she already had a ford probe). her mom brags 'jatuania (juh-ton-yah) studies while she's laying by the pool. her left arm is tanner than her right because when she drives to the college, she gets darker from the drive. sorry, we only have spf 4 sunscreen.' by the way, giving me 'how to succeed in college' was not a good peace offering. i never read it. two words: YARD SALE.
~in college one of my first friends (collette) became my arch nemesis when she set up her other friend with the guy that i was pining for that had just broken up with me. and she knew it. the other friend and the guy are now married.
~another arch nemesis in college, like many, was because of a guy (scary sherry).
~yet another college arch nemesis has recently added me as a friend on facebook. wow! what do i do?
~at this moment, i think i'm currently without an arch nemesis. i've either grown up, or i don't get out enough.

Monday, April 14, 2008

just another manic monday

wow, last week, spring break, flew by way too fast. how horrid. also horrid: trying to watch stardust on dvd and it keeps stopping. my dvd player is ridonkulous. i forgot so many things about this movie. friday - beach day - with the gals was fun. we went to a quiet little beach away from the crazy main beach and had our own little stretch where we hid under the shade of the unbrella the whole time. the breeze was lovely and the water was cold. 'welcome to moe's!' on the way back. it was a nice day. i only got a little extra sun on my neck. fishing on thursday was crazy. we caught this:
on our boy's 2' fishing rod.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

la destinée fabuleuse d'amelie poulain

french to english

Si vous pouvez lire ceci et le comprend, les félicitations ! Il me dit que vous ferez plus que juste le déclic et a lu pour suivre mon petit blog. Hier, j'ai eu la belle expérience de regarder de permis pour se marier avec mon copain de femme, shannon. Le permis regardant pour marier ne s'était pas la belle partie. A part john krasinski, je n'ai pas apprécié vraiment le film à tout. Je n'aime pas vraiment williams de merle ! Et je ne suis pas fou de mandy moore, mais puisque elle semble garder son nez nettoie, je ne tiendrai pas ses caractères contre elle. Nous avons regardé alors en bas avec l'amour. Ewan macgregor comme l'homme des dames, l'homme de l'homme, l'homme de la ville dans 1962 zellweger de nyc et renee comme le bibliothécaire de maine qui écrit une meilleure vente non-romanesque. C'est juste amusant. J'attends toujours (maman) pour les images de mon anniversaire pour poster sur ici. Puisque nous sommes au printemps le mode de coupure maintenant, je trouve que je ne peux pas poster régulièrement. Comme vous n'a pas calculé déjà cela hors. Demain nous irons pêcher. Et jeudi je vais à la plage avec 2 copains de femme. L'amusement pour moi, le visage pâle qui brûle de regarde des images d'un jour ensoleillé. J'espère que vous avez apprécié cette leçon en français. Si vous n'avez pas fait un petit travail pour lire ceci, alors vous ne pouvez pas lire ceci : Vous devriez avoir honte !

Friday, April 4, 2008

the object of my lust

okay, every once in a while i'll get a bee in my bonnet about something and it's all i can think about. mom, remember that $90 purse that i had to have and now keep in a dust cover in my closet? i love that purse. lately, the only thing i can think or talk about (aside from the darjeeling limited. seriously, see it!) is getting a dress form. i thought the answer would be getting one of those adjustable ones with the dials. after reading reviews, i've found that these overall are not of good quality nor produce real body results. i was losing hope until i found this:

it's only $119 at and i'm very excited. i hope to order it soon.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

le petit jardin

here is the workings of my flower bed. hope you likey.

left of front door
right of front door

i still have to mulch, but it's almost done~!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

a promise kept, 3 months later

around christmas, i promised i would post pics of the vampire hunter kit i made for me gal pal. here ya go!