Friday, April 18, 2008

a miscellany

here are some updates and such:
after the beach at this kitschy (teehee) lawn ornament place.

she's here! and she's ready for action. she's a little bigger than me, but that will ensure that anything that fits her will not be too small on me.
a recent acquisition for me living room. sorry for the flash. thanks for the input shannon!


mumsy said...

wow, you look fab by the monkeys... i tell you, you're only getting better with age. dressform - yea!!!! how exciting. picture - kirkland? very nice, poppies? very colorful. love the avatar and her dresses.

"mum"sy, get it? said...

i'd like an update pic on the flower jardin and how it's growing.

cheri said...

justin would kill me if i ever attached anything pink to our walls.

Jana B said...

I hear ya, no floral, no pink. i am surrounded by testosterone.