Tuesday, April 15, 2008

a word on arch nemesis

what's the plural for nemesis?
so pretty much at every stage in my life i've had atleast one arch nemesis.
~some of them were also my bff at the time (shelly).
~some of them didn't know they were my arch nemesis, and i never let on that they were. it was more of a secret competition thing (melissa). really, what 11 year-old can play 3 instruments and is two whole books ahead of everyone in awana's? i guess when you're not allowed to watch t.v., you get alot more done. the amway doesn't hurt either.
~another arch nemesis was so designated in my mind because she was so diabolically opposed to me. tall, tan, blonde, earning college credits while home schooling high school, get's a brand new saturn for graduation (she already had a ford probe). her mom brags 'jatuania (juh-ton-yah) studies while she's laying by the pool. her left arm is tanner than her right because when she drives to the college, she gets darker from the drive. sorry, we only have spf 4 sunscreen.' by the way, giving me 'how to succeed in college' was not a good peace offering. i never read it. two words: YARD SALE.
~in college one of my first friends (collette) became my arch nemesis when she set up her other friend with the guy that i was pining for that had just broken up with me. and she knew it. the other friend and the guy are now married.
~another arch nemesis in college, like many, was because of a guy (scary sherry).
~yet another college arch nemesis has recently added me as a friend on facebook. wow! what do i do?
~at this moment, i think i'm currently without an arch nemesis. i've either grown up, or i don't get out enough.


the mominator said...

hmmmmmmmm verrrrrrrrrrry interrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrresting... I of course, recognize the younger nemeses [plural of the singular 'nemesis'] and they, of course, became MY nemeses [or rather their mothers!! HAHAHA] What in the world brought this on? Your maturity? Or that black streak in your red hair? I STILL have a secret nemesis [muah ha ha]. Sometimes it's your own self. Oh the tragedy. Thanks, that was good reading. I'm pretty sure only bad things have happened to Juatania since we last saw her... jah, I'm pretty sure.

Anonymous said...

by the way, your avatar is beachin'!!!! rock on!

tinkatinka what said...

yer mom cracks me up.

no arch nemesis? egads. maybe you could put a want ad on craigs list?

Jana B said...

I think you get out enough, maybe you just don't get riled over guys anymore? That's probably a good thing. Glad I was never on the arch nemesis list.

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