Thursday, July 31, 2008

becoming jane...let the sewing commence

last year i was a hardened witch reporter. this year, i feel like i'm slowly (thanx) embodying the person i will be 'costumed' as. i have immersed myself into her world, reading everything i can get my hands on that will help me to know her better. i am working on becoming 'an accomplished lady'. me mum taught me to knit whilst i was there last and undertaking the sewing of this dress is a huge feat to me. i will be renting 'becoming jane' again and watching several times. the first 9 slots in my netflix queue are either film adaptations of jane's novels or documentaries about jane herself. i honestly feel at this juncture that there is very little you could tell me about jane that i wouldn't already know. now don't ask me to do an impromptu oral report from memory, but i could probably take a test and do fairly well. the same could be said for lord of the rings, harry potter, or twilight. by the by, my two gals and i are going to a midnight release party at b&n on friday for the next twilight book. it will be fun to see all the vegetarian vampire fans there.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


something scary i found whilst researching regency era (jane austen) clothing.

who thinks this is attractive???
p.s. this is NOT regency.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

up at 7:30

i bought the material for my costume. i settled on a color (paprika) that wasn't what i originally had in mind (light aqua blue), and was just a little disappointed. but i got it at a really good price ($20 for almost 4 yards). then i did an image search this morning and was very happily satisfied. see for yourself.

what i've researched about the regency era described the clothing as light and airy, alot of white and having the greek goddess look. and i was thinking, 'even in fall and winter?' it's england for crying out loud. i was there in may (11 years ago. remember, john?) and it was cold and rainy. so i was very excited to see 'jane' in jewel tone colors not unlike the material i just bought.

i continue to get deliveries of my ingredients and supplies. yesterday, i received 80 lip balm tubes. and a couple days before, i received a shipment of oils. coconut, avocado, jojoba, castor, apricot kernel, olive, grapeseed, and shea butter. today, i should be getting some herbs and bottles. this credit card bill is going to be monstrous. good thing my secret cash stash should cover it. if all my readers bought one product... at least a lip balm, you know you need it. they'll be clear and in 2 shades of 'red' gloss. i found the perfect herb that lends it's color. don't put mystery chemicals on your lips any longer. no one knows the long term effects of ingesting petroleum jelly or what mineral oil seeping through your pores will do. be natural.

sweet lime, sweet life, sweet dreams, sweet skin

Monday, July 28, 2008


i just finished typing a rather long and inspired piece of blogtastic text complete with pic (see below) and when i clicked 'publish post' there was an error. everything was lost and now i'm too aggravated to try to put everything back in. curse you, blogger!

i'm going to be jane austen for halloween. dress on the right. and i'm going to make it myself.
the end.

Friday, July 25, 2008


my friend, shannon, always gets that gleam in her eye. the gleam of her mentally rubbing her hands together and saying, 'oh boy, this is gonna be good'. all i have to say is, 'okay, i have a confession to make...' it feels good to confess things. maybe i would make a good catholic. nah. i've just recently been getting better with the confessions. God knows all things, but it helps bind friends together when you can humanize yourself and be vulnerable with them by being brutally honest about yourself.

just so everyone knows: i have listed some pre-sweet lime (my supplies should be here in the next five days) things in my etsy shop. please shop!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

a miscellany, part deux

in mom's town there is one reliable known spot for a white squirrel family. here's my pic reminiscent of sasquatch footage.
we recently acquired a baby blue-tailed skink, so we had to say goodbye to fred and george.
me pop, me bro, and, well, me. bro was just leaving for a 3-week thing in wisconsin.
well, i just love this pic.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

cute aprons and fiddlers

i've been inspired (keeping my source to myself) to make a cute apron. i used one of dot's outgrown dresses that i couldn't part with.
whilst i was away at a sanitorium (just kidding, mom's house is more like a mad house), her church was in the midst of their 'summer concert series'. they had the most adorable fiddler. david klinkenberg. see for yourself:

p.s. here's the pic, liz. klink is so cute!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

i'm still alive

i've been at my mom's for a week and a half now. working on all kinds of projects and ideas. bought and personalized dot's school clothes. buying the tools to start production. terribly excited! and just started on hubby's halloween costume. this is it.

home soon and will order supplies and such. much love.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

my dream house does exist

sort of. remember my dream house?

well, it does indeed exist.

but no one lives in it. rather, no one can live in it.

it only exists in the canada section of epcot. i wonder if you can hire the people who build for theme parks to build residences. i love those shops at busch gardens, williamsburg, that look like a house built in the trunk of a tree. i mean, they're made to last a long time and withstand commercial use. so, why can't you live there, right? this house is a little small. i guess i would build it over a huge subterranean house that has strategically placed solutubes in the ground to provide good natural lighting. i need to sit and ponder this...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

my business needs some red bull

can we get this party started already? i guess my next step is in the kitchen. accumulating the right tools to start my job. mortar & pestle, double boiler, mesh strainer, nesting bowls. supplies: beeswax (as in, none of your...), oils, essential oils, waxes and herbs, oats and nuts. and don't get me started on containers. but i have some starter business cards, stickers, a t-shirt on the way, and a home party idea to help my boon. 'boons? whose boons?' i mean boom. who wants lip balm, cleansers, masks, moisturizers, toners, herbal baths?

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

okay, so it's been a while

i don't even know if i have the mental capacity to write anything hilarious or insightful, or even informative. sorry it's been so long but my husband's 2 out-of-town sisters were here with cumulative 6 kids plus our 2, and his little sister's 5 and you get... carry the one... 13!!! 13 kids running around. i will post pictures eventually. plus flying in my mother-in-law's sister from the northwest for her birthday, and you have quite the hullabaloo.

here's chancho and nacho when we were in meh-HEE-coh.