Thursday, July 31, 2008

becoming jane...let the sewing commence

last year i was a hardened witch reporter. this year, i feel like i'm slowly (thanx) embodying the person i will be 'costumed' as. i have immersed myself into her world, reading everything i can get my hands on that will help me to know her better. i am working on becoming 'an accomplished lady'. me mum taught me to knit whilst i was there last and undertaking the sewing of this dress is a huge feat to me. i will be renting 'becoming jane' again and watching several times. the first 9 slots in my netflix queue are either film adaptations of jane's novels or documentaries about jane herself. i honestly feel at this juncture that there is very little you could tell me about jane that i wouldn't already know. now don't ask me to do an impromptu oral report from memory, but i could probably take a test and do fairly well. the same could be said for lord of the rings, harry potter, or twilight. by the by, my two gals and i are going to a midnight release party at b&n on friday for the next twilight book. it will be fun to see all the vegetarian vampire fans there.


editor mom said...

it's so fun to be out at midnight! i'm so proud of you for trying new things and always learning. [btw, check your word "slowing" as opposed to "slowly".] tab is going to let me borrow her copy of the new one!

Shannon said...

I absolutely cannot wait till Friday night! (I too saw the slowing error as well haha)