Monday, July 28, 2008


i just finished typing a rather long and inspired piece of blogtastic text complete with pic (see below) and when i clicked 'publish post' there was an error. everything was lost and now i'm too aggravated to try to put everything back in. curse you, blogger!

i'm going to be jane austen for halloween. dress on the right. and i'm going to make it myself.
the end.


Shannon said...

I love the dress on the right. It is going to look great.

your loving mother who gave you all your genes said...

gorgeous. my walking buddy kathy thinks you're a genius and so creative... oh yeah, she included me as well, after i showed her the apron i made out of dot's dress. when you get it, can you take a pic and post it??? hmm???

loving mother said...

that was genes.

loving mother said...
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