Thursday, January 29, 2009

feeling moldy

here are pics of the soap molds i've been working on. they are about 12"x6". i think each should fit 3 lbs. of soap. that's 6-8 bars each. i'm glad i decided to make 2 molds because i kept making mistakes on the first one. the second is nearly perfect. (think mary poppins) i just have to finish the lid and it'll be ready. the ugly one will work just as well as the pretty one. the floor extends on the front to give me a place to measure and cut the bars as i slide them out. pretty smart, eh?

the first one. i had to put beads on the drawer pull screws because the screws were a tad too long.

oops! that nail didn't go in the right place.
my perfect mold.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

okay, so it's been a while - again

i've just been so busy with knitting and planning my new soap-making venture. i've been trying out my carpentry skills by building my own wooden soap molds. they are almost done. coming out nicely - i hope. anyone got a rubber mallet?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

why do long weekends make me tired?

saturday was quite a day! we were doing 'birthday day' for elizabeth, and it started with her getting a tattoo. then we went out for some shopping - lots of shopping. dinner. and the night almost ended when the car was towed. eep! we got it back and finished with a movie. bride wars. it was good!
i found the shoes to go with my dress yesterday. then, last night, i discovered cork board flair on facebook. love it! pry me off my computer chair - please!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

something funny

everyone (and i mean, everyone) is making a big stink over rob pattinson cutting his (in my opinion) ridiculously foppish hair, because shooting for new moon will start soon. personally, i like it short, and in 2 months his hair will be almost completely grown back to a nice 'edward' length. just foil in the bronze highlights and he'll be all set.

if you know me at all, you know that i like to collect movie memorabilia. i've labeled myself a memorabiliac. i've found this edward cullen 'doll' on a tip from shannon, and i'd love to let him and james dean hang out with gandalf the grey and gandalf the white, but he's been priced at $130. which is about $100 more than i would've ideally spent. so all i have is this picture - which i'm thinking about printing out and postering inside dot's dollhouse.
i really need to get to work.

femme fatale poker night

yeah, so i'm planning ladies' poker night for a group of friends. i'm hoping to make it dressy - you know, cocktail dresses, feather boas, up-do's, and polished nails. i bought this dress on ebay last night for less than $17 (free shipping). and it's not even from china. i'm pretty sure it will fit, but if it's a little short, does anyone have any really cool ideas for adding length? here's the dress:
now i just have to find the right pair of shoes for a bargain. any color ideas? i was thinking red or pink.

Monday, January 12, 2009

i'm coughing so much, by the time i get better i'll have great abs

seriously, i've taken to carrying around a tea towel to cough into so my hacking is muffled. by the way, my avatar is out of my control. i'm going to try to get her to heed my bidding. pray for my health, or i might just cough up a lung. or a spleen.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

i am here and i am funkshunning

that sounded weird. just a note to let you know that my holidays went swimmingly. i also found a product that after just 4 uses, i love it. it is olive oil/chamomile soap from kiss my face.
my skin on my face is clearing up and feels so soft. i am in the process of learning how i can make it myself. that's what i'll do with my stockpile of herbs and oils. SOAP!!! soap is good. everyone uses soap. (we hope) i'm learning about fun things like using lye for saponification. ooh! impressive. yes, it's 12:33 am and i have lost it.