Monday, February 11, 2008

amelie, part 13

worst day in a long time.

amelie, part 12

eet'sa so cold!

amelie, part 11

love my wellies! also pictured: my new knee socks. nothing worse (actually plenty) than dirt between your toes. so sore from the raking and pulling.

okay, here's the luke/orlando comparison.

amelie, part 10

are you tired of this yet, or is anyone even watching? more comparisons...

the recent writers' strike resulted in a holiday desert of nothing but realitv. i'm proud to admit i only watched 15 minutes or so of american gladiators featuring newly single hulk hogan. look out ladies, here he comes! but one of the gladiators looked awfully familiar.


sam rockwell in 'the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy'

so i just spent an hour doing real yard-work, or gardening... either way. me and a rake, sweating and getting leaves and dirt in my cute shoes. note to self: get some wellies. then, i'm getting a little zealous and decide to free the trees of the parasitic vines that are strangling them. so i'm swinging like jane on a particularly stubborn vine and bark is raining down. i have bark in my eye. note to self: get some really cute protective eye-wear. oh, and some gloves. this is one of those times i'm really glad i have super short hair. which i've been regretting a little lately. i've had my season of having the shortest hair i thought i'd never have and i think i'll grow it back out a little. not to mention i'm out $100 now from 2 cuts. terrible, that's why growing it out will be good. but i'm keeping it to my neck.

amelie, part 9

how men age. it ain't pretty. take vince vaughn and jon favreau. they appeared in 'swingers' in 1996. 12 years later, see what happened. meanwhile some guys just get better with age. i don't know...


amelie, part 8

if you thought this year's contestants on 'idol' look familiar, you are not alone. but maybe i am...

i may have a favorite! he's the only real man of the bunch - aside from the aussie who i've yet to match.

amelie, part 7

oh, boo hoo, mom. after all i said this morning...

amelie, part 6

this is at our valentine's fundue night. i rocked the house with my awesome movie knowledge. oddly, my hair looked better the next day.

amelie, part 5

amelie, part 4

okay, so there wasn't exactly any discussing going on, so i hope that everyone's still keeping up with the dailies. i did this yesterday in oil pastels. i haven't done any art in so long and i finally got inspired. i know it's not fantastic, but it's encouraging to feel motivated again.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

amelie, part 3

so far, we have 3 official participants. so excited! i thought, with 2 segments under our belts, we could comment on the following topics:

amelie's parents
amelie's childhood
amelie's co-workers and the regulars at the 'two windmills'
we have now met the landlady, lucien and his grocer boss, collignon

amelie, part 2

so, no takers yet, eh? well, i'm just going to keep posting these until i'm done. so you might as well join in.

i must warn you, though, this portion contains another of three brief scenes containing nudity. it is a few seconds long, but i usually laugh through the whole thing. being a french film, it is only european to include a smattering of non-essential nudity. so, please, no young viewers, until you've viewed it first and can censor accordingly.

a challenge to my reader(s)

to my dismay, my readership is spotty at best. i know you are out there, but only 3 of you leave comments on a regular basis. one is me mum and the other 2 are my best friends.
in addition, i have recently seen a film that has resonated so deeply that it plays in my mind in an endless loop, like a soundtrack in the background of my life. thanks to netflix, i have seen this film that i probably would never have seen on my own. and thanks to the pirates on youtube i can now share this film with you, dear readers, in installments.
so i am issuing a challenge to you, readers, to take a few minutes and watch these short segments of this amazing movie. please watch and leave a comment discussing what you saw, thought, etc.

i must warn you, though, this first portion contains one of three brief scenes containing nudity. it is very short and within the first minute. being a french film, it is only european to include a smattering of non-essential nudity. so, please, no young viewers, until you've viewed it first and can censor accordingly. the next installments are safe for viewing, so i implore you to please, please enjoy:

Friday, February 8, 2008

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

meet bindy

shannon, my sister and i went to the medieval faire this weekend. lots of fun, jousting and turkey legs. breakin' it down henry viii style. so i had to bring home a baby dragon for dot. and she loves it. a girl after my own heart. mom, why didn't i have a permanent pet lizard when i was a kid??? they are so awesome. tink, you should think about keeping a few in your ny apt. they take up so little room.
so here she is:


bindy's home

bindy's breakfast


Monday, February 4, 2008

i'll admit when i'm wrong

i have recently confused an actor for being dane cook. when he is, in fact NOT dane cook. sorry, paul rudd, you shouldn't look so much like dane cook. and you have just as sick a sense of humor.

paul rudd

dane cook

ps, is not working. distressed.