Sunday, February 10, 2008

a challenge to my reader(s)

to my dismay, my readership is spotty at best. i know you are out there, but only 3 of you leave comments on a regular basis. one is me mum and the other 2 are my best friends.
in addition, i have recently seen a film that has resonated so deeply that it plays in my mind in an endless loop, like a soundtrack in the background of my life. thanks to netflix, i have seen this film that i probably would never have seen on my own. and thanks to the pirates on youtube i can now share this film with you, dear readers, in installments.
so i am issuing a challenge to you, readers, to take a few minutes and watch these short segments of this amazing movie. please watch and leave a comment discussing what you saw, thought, etc.

i must warn you, though, this first portion contains one of three brief scenes containing nudity. it is very short and within the first minute. being a french film, it is only european to include a smattering of non-essential nudity. so, please, no young viewers, until you've viewed it first and can censor accordingly. the next installments are safe for viewing, so i implore you to please, please enjoy:


embee said...

i've always wanted to see that movie. maybe i should add it to my blockbuster queue as well!

Shannon said...

I think I am just going to have to come over and watch (Because we all know how quickly I get to youtube viewing haha). I know I have seen small part of it already because I remember someone renting it before. I don't remember what stopped the viewing although I am sure it wasn't out of boredom.

mom said...

your swan dress is really cute!! and your shoes too.

Shannon said...

nice Bjork move haha

Molly said...

well, i dont "regularly comment", but when I DO read, I spend hours reading all of the older posts until I am all caught up. So there! Of course, I do skim through the TV stuff--since you know I am NOT a TV person, and since 90 percent of your stuff IS TV related, it makes for faster reading of the interesting stuff. Which, always has me LOL.