Wednesday, February 6, 2008

meet bindy

shannon, my sister and i went to the medieval faire this weekend. lots of fun, jousting and turkey legs. breakin' it down henry viii style. so i had to bring home a baby dragon for dot. and she loves it. a girl after my own heart. mom, why didn't i have a permanent pet lizard when i was a kid??? they are so awesome. tink, you should think about keeping a few in your ny apt. they take up so little room.
so here she is:


bindy's home

bindy's breakfast



the mominator said...

I see how this goes... what about the mouse with the hump on its neck? what about the lizard eggs on the shelf? what about the moron dog that ate my best German chocolate? what about the flea-bitten cats? what about the ring snakes? lizards abounded all over in s. florida. what about the dead bat in the driveway? or was that a squirrel? don't forget wicket and spiffy and sheba and heidi and sox and smudgy I and smudgy II and omg, pepe le pphew!! hmph.

morninglory kitsch said...


Shannon said...

I am totally digging you at the scaffold....or in other terms, at the stocks haha