Tuesday, June 30, 2009

a revamped me

i'm trying to build a collection of quality articles of clothing, shoes and accessories that can be put together smartly and only make me look good. better. best. i started sketching out some outfits i've seen other well-put-together peeps wearing on tv. then i carefully build my wardrobe with good basic choices. no more mindless, ill-fitting t-shirts for me. but i'm keeping my jeans and what me mum would call 'knock-around clothes'. my body double is helping me with the display. so here's one i put together with what i already had. replace the skirt with wide leg jeans. add dangle earrings and some jewel-toned ballet flats.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

an american institution!?

when you watch a movie as a kid, a lot can fly right over your head. innuendo, indiscriminate song lyrics, teen pregnancy, smoking makes you cool, etc. but if you watch this movie again as an adult, you catch a whole lot more. although i was reminded why, as a 4 year-old, i had a crush on travolta (who now lives less than a mile from one of my girlfriends - you think i've ever seen him? no!). i also realize how impossibly thin sandy was. last time i was that thin, i was 5 years old.

why, though, has this movie (and so many others) become a 'classic', an 'american institution'? there are so many things wrong with 'american classics'.

take a page from older countries and compare what is classic. charles dickens, jane austen, actual history. the sad part is that this movie, being 30 years old is so tame compared to what we expose ourselves to in the threatres now.

the tvland awards honored 2 1/2 men with the 'future classic' award. what's wrong with this picture? anything with charlie sheen should not be made a classic. i give you one example: hot shots.

things are going down the tube. fast.

remember the sunday school song, oh be careful little eyes (ears, mouth, feet, hands)? i think they were on to something. except i think we should now sing it in 'big church'.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

shopping the sales at hobby lobby

so my new, penny-pinching philosophy tells me to carefully buy only the items i need for this one project, do the project, and clean up any extra bits. so i finally put together a display of my british coinage.
top row: elizabeth ii through the years in pennies 1-3, two pence with young elizabeth ii, older elizabeth ii and back
2nd row: 5 pence, 10 pence front and back
3rd row: king george vi, youngest elizabeth and young elizabeth (a study of canadian pennies)
4th row: 20 pence front and back
5th row: 50 pence
bottom: a study in british pounds

Saturday, June 20, 2009

how about this

the disturbing photo of the week. and a built-in pillow.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

making the old new again

so i had this necklace/wrap bracelet that had a stone hanging from it that wasn't the best quality. i've been looking for at least a year for a new stone to hang from it. in related news, i finally visited a bead store near my house. i got an awesome natural stone and not only changed out the old stone, but incorporated my most recent medal that came in. fun right?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

it's my obsession

another one. this one is a 5 year-long 'need' to acquire a st. joan of arc medal. i asked my mummy to get one for me from italy whence she wast there, but, alas, no medal. so, since saturday i have bought 3 on ebay, and there's still a few more i want to get.

i got this one in the mail first, and immediately made a little necklace out of it with part of a lone earring my friend made for me (it's mate was lost).
this one isn't my favorite, but i got it for $5. it's very modern traditional of saint medals.

this one was the most $ so far. straight from belgium, but gorgeous!