Saturday, June 27, 2009

an american institution!?

when you watch a movie as a kid, a lot can fly right over your head. innuendo, indiscriminate song lyrics, teen pregnancy, smoking makes you cool, etc. but if you watch this movie again as an adult, you catch a whole lot more. although i was reminded why, as a 4 year-old, i had a crush on travolta (who now lives less than a mile from one of my girlfriends - you think i've ever seen him? no!). i also realize how impossibly thin sandy was. last time i was that thin, i was 5 years old.

why, though, has this movie (and so many others) become a 'classic', an 'american institution'? there are so many things wrong with 'american classics'.

take a page from older countries and compare what is classic. charles dickens, jane austen, actual history. the sad part is that this movie, being 30 years old is so tame compared to what we expose ourselves to in the threatres now.

the tvland awards honored 2 1/2 men with the 'future classic' award. what's wrong with this picture? anything with charlie sheen should not be made a classic. i give you one example: hot shots.

things are going down the tube. fast.

remember the sunday school song, oh be careful little eyes (ears, mouth, feet, hands)? i think they were on to something. except i think we should now sing it in 'big church'.


Shannon said...

yep, you are absolutely right

inquiring moms want to know said...

at first i was wondering, who is half a man? then i realized it was the tv show. haha. i agree with you absolutely. we're as degenerated as a society as ellen. [see how many times i can use the word "as"?]
can you post all the people who have died in the last week and a half? ed, farrah, michael and now billy? what is your comment on this, please.

Paul & Amy said...

I agree!

Shannon said...

It makes me go, man, famous people are dropping like flies, then it caused me to pray for every person in my life that I care deeply about, for their health and their protection. Man, its been a crazy week.

Rebecca said...

I totally agree about Grease. I bought the soundtrack as an adult to sing in the car with my sister. Wow are some of those lyrics HIDEOUS!

mumsy said...

i like your avatar's growing hair!