Saturday, May 14, 2011

dear walmart,

i know the idea of l.e.i. bra camis is good in theory; however, i have a beef with them. they are relatively easy to put on, but removal requires atleast 1 disjointed shoulder and a lot of wiggling that feels suspiciously like putting on skinny jeans. also, why are underwires always required? also, the use of flimsy lace for straps is ridiculous and not adjustable. what kind of one-size-fits-all world do you think we live in? oh yeah, please state on the tag that these camis are, in fact, underwear. i have seen too many women at theme parks wearing them as tank tops. gross.
l.e.i. may stand for life energy intelligence, but i feel it is saying, "life is too short to be spent in you closet, disrobing. all of your energy will be drained trying to take this off. intelligence was NOT used in this design."


the hidden cost of good taste

did you know that you can design your very own decor at for furniture (which is what i tried), you choose style, fabric, wood stain, trim, etc. i chose a louis xiv chair and a great striped fabric. we were recently given a pair of louis xiv chairs and aside from the dark upholstery, i like them. i saw this chair on a furniture website:

and tried to emulate it on the joann site here:

now how much do you think this would cost for one chair?

$200? $300? $600?

try over $1000!!! fun, but NOT worth it.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

hot fun in the summertime

my word, it is HOT outside. i was sweating while i watched the kids' soccer games this morning. i was roasting while i watched dot work on a pottery wheel this afternoon. those who know me know that i do not like the heat. why do i live in the south? i would like it to always be between 40 and 60 degrees. always. i love scarves and sweaters, but i don't like frostbite or bitter numbness. i love crisp, brisk wind, and pulling a blazer just a bit tighter as i shop downtown.

i ordered a new cell phone. it was renewal/upgrade time. i don't know where the time went, i didn't think i had had my old one this long. i guess it had been 2 years. amazing. your choice of a 'cool' phone is limited when you don't have or want a data plan. here's the one i picked. my old phone was a slider with a touch screen and full qwerty. i don't like touch screens. so i got this lg octane that is a side flip with a full qwerty.

of course when i get a phone, i immediately shop for a hard cover. i was tired of my old one, and wanted something new. i looked and looked. eh. no. mmm sort of. maybe. i knew i'd know the perfect one when i saw it. and i saw it. and it was the only one i wanted. here it is.

funny thing. i just got this tote bag. it matches perfectly, but i didn't mean it to. if you like these bags, my s-i-l is a consultant and would appreciate the biz. i love these bags!

and i got this large tote for the soccer gear.

i opted for a belt holster for my phone because i don't like carrying it in my pocket. so i got this.

my most recent television obsession is parks and recreation. i love this show!! so funny. talk about must-see-tv. this shirt was featured on the recent episode 'harvest festival'. i had to get it.
so this is the shopping i've done over the last 2 months. sorry i've been gone so long. miss you!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

dear blog, i missed you

{sigh} ah, super bowl sunday.
{snore} a couple of the commercials have been funny. adrian brody selling stella artois. i've been working, and just living day to day. i'm writing my book like crazy. 21,ooo+ words. it's really coming along. i'm very happy with the progress. i want to read now.