Saturday, May 14, 2011

the hidden cost of good taste

did you know that you can design your very own decor at for furniture (which is what i tried), you choose style, fabric, wood stain, trim, etc. i chose a louis xiv chair and a great striped fabric. we were recently given a pair of louis xiv chairs and aside from the dark upholstery, i like them. i saw this chair on a furniture website:

and tried to emulate it on the joann site here:

now how much do you think this would cost for one chair?

$200? $300? $600?

try over $1000!!! fun, but NOT worth it.


cheri said...

do it yourself man! there's nothing spraypaint can't fix!

Tricia B. said...

I'll go with $600. Re-upolstering can be expensive. You'll have to do it yourself.