Friday, May 30, 2008

my quasi redneck morning

this is me, my son, and mike waddell of monster bucks fame. my hubby has watched every one of the monster buck videos. therefore, i have seen most of them by proxy. we had a gander mountain grand opening here this morning. and since mike waddell is one of the few i can stand to watch, i went down there to meet him.
here he is on my cell phone talking to my husband.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

the long weekend

memorial day.
it smells of meat substances burning on a fire breathing canister in your backyard.
it sounds like specials on the history channel about the uss enterprise and war memorials in washington dc.
it looks like wwii and vietnam vets giving their first hand account.
it's splashing in the pool with the kids.
it's the summer's first sunburn.
it's that day off of school 2 weeks before school gets out that tricks you into thinking summer vacation has started.

but to me...
it smelled like raw peas in a pod.
it tasted like tomato eaten on a veggie burger patty with no bun.
it had no fluffy breads for me. no burger. no hot dog. no potato salad. no ice cream.
it was followed by 6:30 the next morning.
8 more days of school.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

triumph and tragedy

as i woke this morning with an emotional hangover from last night's david cook victory and readied myself and my children for the day, i came across some disturbing news. luke menard, one of the contestants on american idol this season was diagnosed with cancer. he's 29. then, i came across something terribly sad. a headline stated: daughter of christian music star killed by car. i selfishly thought, 'please don't let it be anyone i know (familiar with)'. i clicked on it to find that steven curtis chapman's youngest adopted daughter, 5 years old, was accidentally hit by her brother in an suv in the family's driveway. she just graduated preschool. this is on the heels of a local pastor and his 13 year-old son dying in a plane crash less than 2 weeks ago. i feel such heartache for these families and cry out in fear and prayer for the protection of my own husband and children. and it's a crippling feeling to realize you have no control. i have held my children longer and tempered silly flare-ups of frustration over unimportant things, like leaving late for school. we always make it on time anyway. i don't know why we secretly feel sometimes that people who appear to be huge spiritual figures are immune to such intense heartache. i'm spent.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

dear david cook,

i thought you did great last night. simon is a big poophead, and just wants you to lose so he can sign you himself. i want you to win this thing so bad. i know you'll have a record deal either way, but if you win, i'm guaranteed some good tunes. i stayed up until 11:30 last night and voted. and voted. i lost count at 30 votes and then my phone went dead. i'll see you tonite. don't let them put so much makeup on you. ryan looked like dick clark last night, and dick's got 100 years on ryan. don't let the man get you down!
all my fanship,

ps i must've missed your e-mail. please try sending it again. thanx!

double duty!


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

mary, mary quite contrary...

how does my garden grow???
as you can see, we mulched and the little plants are doing well. i only lost a couple of them. also several wild flowers have popped up from seeds i threw out there.
i call these tiny snapdragon impersonators.
some cute periwinkle colored flowers. i don't think they are periwinkles, though.
my gardenias are blooming now.
these are tomatoes i'm growing in two containers by my front door. they are called garden peach. i will show you why when they ripen.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

fantasia stinks

and simon knows it. i was holding my breath until ryan said 'david cook'. sigh of relief.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

dear david cook,

i thought your performances last night were brilliant. especially the switchfoot song. i tried many, many times to vote for you and it was always busy. i'm taking that as a good sign since everyone else kept voting. i hope you win, and i promise to buy your first cd on itunes. stay awesome!
your loyal fan mgk
ps please sign this pic and email it back to me.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

desperately seeking solitude

every day this week is booked and i'm already exhausted. not to mention the 10+ loads of laundry that need washing and my agitator has pooped out on my washing machine. we're already tempting fate by continuing to use our defective dishwasher because the recall terms were stupid. and i'm in the throngs of potty training the boy. please, just no grey hairs.

Monday, May 12, 2008

the peace of a clean house

i cleaned my house for a dismal jewelry party on saturday. thanks to the two people who came. shannon and my sister. everyone else is blacklisted. as a result, however, 2/3 of the house was left presentable and left everyone of its inhabitants in much better moods. why is it that children won't play in a messy room, but immediately mess up a clean room? anyway, i'm pms-ing right now so enjoy my pics!

Friday, May 9, 2008

my thursdays are so busy!

first we watch survivor. erik was so stupid to give weird face his immunity. what was he thinking? you never give someone your immunity when you are outnumbered. seriously!?!?

so jim is on probation because toby is a jealous snitch and ryan is on drugs. but he got the account! michael is such an idiot!

all i can remember is it had katy segal and her twin sister. she has a twin sister, right? and my good friend stephen tobolowsky.

first of all, 3 of these people are dead. one can't die because the island won't let him. one is home. one is no longer in utero. one now has a bun in the oven. two are crazy. two are brother and sister by marriage. and two are brother and sister and don't know it. as for last night. what is jack and claire's dad doing on the island? he's dead! why is claire so calm about not having aaron? how is john going to stop rambo from blowing up the place? can that guy from suddenly susan time travel? he was at the hospital when john was a baby over 50 years ago! and he looks the same. why is it only 6 people make it off the island? sayid, kate, jack, hurley, aaron & sun. desmond was not on the flight, but they call him one of the oceanic 6? what about everyone else? do they stay there? sun went to jin's grave in the future. does he die on/off the island, or does he die at all? i need answers!
when is pushing daisies coming back? i miss cavemen.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

another one rides the bus

well, when it's down to 4, someone you like has to go home. sorry, jason, we're just not that into you. {NEW ADDITION} i just watched a review of tuesday night's 'let's give you the numbers' and jason mouthed 'don't vote'. i think he wanted to get voted off. he looked totally relieved. do you think he got tired of the craziness and just decided to have fun until they let him go???
i had a great blog planned in my head as i was falling asleep last night. oh yeah, i have some great pics to show you. and something new i did in my hoose.
captainess crazy and captain underpants.

going green, sort of. reusing some fabric and ribbons that were scrapped from former decorations.

Friday, May 2, 2008

okay, i did it...

i had to. it's one of those pop culture things. i watched juno. aside from the disturbing thought of teenage pregnancy and the 'young people's use of language'. i actually enjoyed it. for the first time, i was a little repulsed by jason bateman and felt sorry for an ocd jennifer garner. what was missing (thankfully) was all that teen movie garbage that is always thrown in there. abortion was only mentioned in the first few minutes of the film and not broached again. i'm not endorsing this movie, but overall...

i liked it.