Friday, May 9, 2008

my thursdays are so busy!

first we watch survivor. erik was so stupid to give weird face his immunity. what was he thinking? you never give someone your immunity when you are outnumbered. seriously!?!?

so jim is on probation because toby is a jealous snitch and ryan is on drugs. but he got the account! michael is such an idiot!

all i can remember is it had katy segal and her twin sister. she has a twin sister, right? and my good friend stephen tobolowsky.

first of all, 3 of these people are dead. one can't die because the island won't let him. one is home. one is no longer in utero. one now has a bun in the oven. two are crazy. two are brother and sister by marriage. and two are brother and sister and don't know it. as for last night. what is jack and claire's dad doing on the island? he's dead! why is claire so calm about not having aaron? how is john going to stop rambo from blowing up the place? can that guy from suddenly susan time travel? he was at the hospital when john was a baby over 50 years ago! and he looks the same. why is it only 6 people make it off the island? sayid, kate, jack, hurley, aaron & sun. desmond was not on the flight, but they call him one of the oceanic 6? what about everyone else? do they stay there? sun went to jin's grave in the future. does he die on/off the island, or does he die at all? i need answers!
when is pushing daisies coming back? i miss cavemen.


admiring mom said...

i love your avatar. don't you have a top like that?

embee said...

i don't think jin is one of the oceanic 6..... but we'll just have to wait i guess.