Tuesday, May 27, 2008

the long weekend

memorial day.
it smells of meat substances burning on a fire breathing canister in your backyard.
it sounds like specials on the history channel about the uss enterprise and war memorials in washington dc.
it looks like wwii and vietnam vets giving their first hand account.
it's splashing in the pool with the kids.
it's the summer's first sunburn.
it's that day off of school 2 weeks before school gets out that tricks you into thinking summer vacation has started.

but to me...
it smelled like raw peas in a pod.
it tasted like tomato eaten on a veggie burger patty with no bun.
it had no fluffy breads for me. no burger. no hot dog. no potato salad. no ice cream.
it was followed by 6:30 the next morning.
8 more days of school.


tinka what what said...

ok miss cynical. i got my first sunburn, cried over the war vets and ate ribs, chicken, ice cream and cheesecake. i totally splurged since i'm used to half-kitchen eating....

Shannon said...

Make sure for July 4 that you are on your off diet days haha