Thursday, May 22, 2008

triumph and tragedy

as i woke this morning with an emotional hangover from last night's david cook victory and readied myself and my children for the day, i came across some disturbing news. luke menard, one of the contestants on american idol this season was diagnosed with cancer. he's 29. then, i came across something terribly sad. a headline stated: daughter of christian music star killed by car. i selfishly thought, 'please don't let it be anyone i know (familiar with)'. i clicked on it to find that steven curtis chapman's youngest adopted daughter, 5 years old, was accidentally hit by her brother in an suv in the family's driveway. she just graduated preschool. this is on the heels of a local pastor and his 13 year-old son dying in a plane crash less than 2 weeks ago. i feel such heartache for these families and cry out in fear and prayer for the protection of my own husband and children. and it's a crippling feeling to realize you have no control. i have held my children longer and tempered silly flare-ups of frustration over unimportant things, like leaving late for school. we always make it on time anyway. i don't know why we secretly feel sometimes that people who appear to be huge spiritual figures are immune to such intense heartache. i'm spent.

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