Wednesday, March 25, 2009

embarrassment on the part of all parties

yesterday, i watched a movie that disney should be embarrassed that they made. i am embarrassed that i sat through the whole thing. it was the shaggy dog. the new one with tim allen and pre-iron man robert downey jr. i'm sure they were both embarrassed to be making it. everyone but the zen meditating dog should be embarrassed.

number of people embarrassed: 5
number of times i used the word embarrassed: 5

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

when your mind is somewhere else

i have a headache. i'm torturing myself watching a movie about anti-semitic teens in 1996 ny. it's not school ties, that was 1992. i've already seen it before, but i can't remember what happens. that jude law is so wishy-washy.
dot is doing superbly with her knitting - almost a foot long now!
maybe i'm reeling after watching last night's heroes. mom will be here tomorrow night. yea! and we'll be knitting, and making soap, and purging my kids' rooms of unnecessities - of which there are plenty. how do normal people keep their houses so free of clutter? maybe they aren't the normal ones.
i don't remember if i mentioned it, but butterscotch is fine. we took her to the vet (yeah, the vet) to check on her puffy shoulder. i feared tumor. she's just a baby. he said her leg wasn't broken and it didn't appear to be a tumor. so we came home and waited. now she appears to be fine. two spots that looked like tiny drained abscesses (gross, right?), but nothing open or inflamed. can you imagine having affection for these tiny beasts? but i do.
ramblings, all ramblings.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

proud to be a mom

2 nights ago, i started teaching dot to knit. she was having difficulty casting on. (what beginner doesn't?) she stumbled through her first row of stitches before i sent her off to bed. the next day, she brought her project in the car with her to work on while driving to school. in 20 minutes, she had finished one row of 14 stitches. she said she wished she could work on it in school. on the way home - another row. i had to make sure she got her homework done before working on it some more. today it was the same thing, but she's getting faster. two rows on the way to school. i don't know why it's so exciting to me that she likes knitting, but it is. i just learned last summer from my mom - who had just recently picked it up herself. well, there you go.

a recent trip to busch gardens resulted in some beautiful tiger pics. yes, i took these.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

another group of american idol look-alikes

last night i was perfectly fine with who was eliminated on american idol. i certainly didn't want emo ewan macgregor and young robert downey jr. eliminated. see for yourself:

ewan macgregor/adam lambert

robert downey jr./danny gokey

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

itired of isucky ifree itunes isongs

oooo! they said. get an ipod because you get free songs every week. so i've had my classic 80 gb ipod which i'll never fill up - and proud of it - for just over a year. i've enjoyed sampling and 'buying' the free songs. some of them just stink. i've found several songs that sounded good for the 10 seconds they let you hear it. then, i'm minding my own business, playing my songs in alpha-order so i don't get stuck listening to the same songs over and over, and it comes out of nowhere. like an annoying dagger to the ear. the same chord with the same unintelligible lyrics over and over for 3 1/2 minutes. at some point i have to pull up my itunes (when i think of it), find the offensive song (if you can call it that) and gladly delete it. and click yes, i'm sure. and click send to recycle folder. don't be mistaken, i have found great songs on there for free - addison road, honey honey, etc. but they are exceptions. if only we could personalize our itunes store to choose free songs within our exclusive music taste. or they should give coupons to get a free song, any song, of your choice. just a thought.

Monday, March 9, 2009

you have to watch this

i couldn't help but share this with you and implore you to immediately watch this. soooo funny!

Friday, March 6, 2009

dedicated to my sweet dot

poor, sick dot! even all dressed up, you can tell she's not 100%. :(

dot and hermione (named for the harry potter lightning bolt on her forehead).

dot's first medieval faire. notice ye olde elf ears, cloak, & dragon pendant.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

okay, sorry for the silence

i've just been really busy. i don't know what with, but...
we've lost two of our little family. within 2 weeks, we lost our little blue-tailed skink, and decided to let go our ailing green anole, bindy. she hasn't been doing well the last week or so. as a result, we have 3 new babies: oreo, butterscotch, and rainy.
goodbye, bindy!
oh, and here is dot's easter dress.
are kids growing up faster now, or is it just me?