Tuesday, March 24, 2009

when your mind is somewhere else

i have a headache. i'm torturing myself watching a movie about anti-semitic teens in 1996 ny. it's not school ties, that was 1992. i've already seen it before, but i can't remember what happens. that jude law is so wishy-washy.
dot is doing superbly with her knitting - almost a foot long now!
maybe i'm reeling after watching last night's heroes. mom will be here tomorrow night. yea! and we'll be knitting, and making soap, and purging my kids' rooms of unnecessities - of which there are plenty. how do normal people keep their houses so free of clutter? maybe they aren't the normal ones.
i don't remember if i mentioned it, but butterscotch is fine. we took her to the vet (yeah, the vet) to check on her puffy shoulder. i feared tumor. she's just a baby. he said her leg wasn't broken and it didn't appear to be a tumor. so we came home and waited. now she appears to be fine. two spots that looked like tiny drained abscesses (gross, right?), but nothing open or inflamed. can you imagine having affection for these tiny beasts? but i do.
ramblings, all ramblings.

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tinka stinka said...

yay for mom craft time. you're so lucky. i have to keep my house clean. if i didn't you wouldn't be able to well, move.