Thursday, February 18, 2010

movie clubs & jeggings

everyone's done it at one point in their life. we all know about the requirements and necessary fulfillment of monetary obligation. i'm talking, of course, about music/movie clubs. in college, i joined bmg. 11 cd's for $1 always lured me in. nevermind that i had to buy 4 (or more) at full price in the next 24 months. plus s&h. certainly they had their 1/2 price sales that didn't count toward your obligatory 4. and i would always indulge in the sales. over $100 later, and i would come to my senses and cancel my membership. disney's got me all twitterpated now over 5 dvds for $1, free shipping, another for $11.95 and yet another for $8.95. that means i only have to buy 2 more plus shipping, right?

my next major beef is jeggings. and guys in jeggings. for those over the age of 15, jeggings are actually leggings made to look like jeans. i've put up with emo guys wearing skinny jeans. and i've look away from guys wearing capris. but i put my foot down when it comes to guys wearing skin-tight, ankle-baring, elastic-waisted jeggings. judge for yourself...

yes, that is a guy. he's lead singer for some band called aim & ignite.