Thursday, August 30, 2007

famous relations and more costume nonsense?

why do i have this picture from grease? because, before he passed away, my grandaddy revealed to me that putzy (far left) is related to us. he is my grandaddy's cousin's grandson. i am also related to daniel boone, whom i found out was related to abraham lincoln. quite a list. i can't remember anything else. my dad knew the actual last mohican chief - don strickland. not quite the indian name that you would expect - true story, though.
i got my wig in the mail yesterday. i need a haircut so it will all fit underneath...

and these are the glasses i want to get. but i will probably end up with drugstore readers.

if i am unable to get my dream shoes, then these will have to do in a pinch.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

shoe lust

i put the pic of my fantasy under the text today because i knew that no one would be able to take their eyes away from them to read my blog. i love these shoes and must have them. they will be the most perfect and (probably most expensive) addition to my fantabulous halloween costume this year. have i mentioned that i love these shoes? i want to date these shoes.

Monday, August 27, 2007

it's never too early to plan your costume!

so this is who i'll be emulating. she's rita skeeter from hp and the goblet of fire (in my pants - nerdfighters!). she's a nasty gossip columnist who's out to make anyone look bad. here's what i've got so far:

wig (ebay)

jacket (ebay)

earrings (ross)

quill (hobby lobby)

handbag (ross)

fake nails and fantastic glitter purple varnish (sally's)

here's what i need:

a skirt to match jacket (probably have to sew it myself)

shoes (will bid on ebay - waiting until the end of the

auction to swoop in and win, i hope)


fishnet stockings

fur trim for jacket

reading glasses and chain


red lipstick

pink blush and eyeshadow


i know it's 8 weeks away, but i'll post pics. stay tuned...

Thursday, August 23, 2007

little ole crafty me

so last night, after a suggestion from me mum, i cranked this little baby out of a leg from a pair of jeans, a belt, and a pair of boxers. i created (that's going a little far) the iron-on in a harry potter greeting card program that dell so graciously sent me. it fits me perfectly - like a quiver of arrows. i still sewed the belt on in a way that it is adjustable. fun carrying case, i know my sewing lines aren't the best. the machine is very fickle sometimes - the bobbin thread refuses to come out. i have a little more embellishing to do, but this is pretty much it.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

first day of school and wands

so monday was the first day of school. i caved and bought all kinds of really cute/somewhat trendy/neo-80s clothes for my girl this year (complete with skinny jeans and leggings). i guess i want her to be able to look back at pics and think, i was really cute. or something like that.

then i got a link from tink for wands, so i promptly made a half a dozen. i think i will put some on etsy just to see if i can sell them. the pink one is just for kicks - i hate it. the second one is my favorite - the most like hermione's. maybe i'll offer a mini book of spells with the wands as an incentive. thanks to tink for the dadcando website.
my harry wands have another coat of paint to go.

and here is my crepe myrtle wand that i worked on. the handle is dyed with blueberry and the shaft is dyed with a tea/coffee mixture.

okay, i finished them.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

more realistic expectations

so i originally wanted my wand to look like this. the elder wand, key component to the last harry potter book. but it will probably end up looking more like this:

okay, it won't really look like this, but this is pretty close to how it is starting out. notice my really crappy paint job. i did it like that for emphasis. okay, not really, i was just in a hurry. you try googling tree branch... i did start carving on it today, it's going to take a while. but i am going to go with a more straight stick-like look for it, no knobs - or ape-knobs - because they're for a more experienced wood-worker. i'll probably end up buying the professional one, so i'll have ALL THE POWER, MUHUAHHAHAHA!!!
i know it's just a piece of wood.
~ginny potter

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

you wouldn't pull that crap with annette

this summer, i've been catching up on 'classic' movies i'd never seen (ie, cutting edge, but also pretty woman & gidget). yes, i'd never seen pretty woman. i wasn't that impressed, really.
i've also been re-watching old favorites (?) - namely grease. last weekend, nickelodeon aired grease, and to my delight, it was very edited. i actually got to enjoy it with it's several lines missing from 'greased lightning' and a couple of scenes were deleted. it's weird to have grown up with your parents quoting lines from a movie (you're cruisin' for a bruisin') and then, when you're older, you watch the movie with a more critical eye and realize how bad it is. i even bought the soundtrack when i was at pcc ('wpcc, where the only rock around here is Jesus Christ') and i don't remember hearing the bad lyrics then either. well, anyway i had this really profound point of view this morning in the shower, but an extended phone call with my mom, fellow pink lady, had obliterated it from my mind. 'obliviate!' so i issue a challenge. finish the song line by line in the comments, taking turns, if you can.

I'll start:
Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee

wand carving starting soon...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

it's a new post day!!!

yes, i must get back to doing this every day. for my fan. and my mom. so now i must edit my content. :( kind of kidding. i've been busy watching brotherhood 2.0, thus neglecting my own blog. despicable. prepping for a yard sale this sat, mostly furniture, so hopefully i'll be free of excess pieces of wood. next project, a shelf spanning the length of the living room for my books and other sundries. also, laugh if you will, carving my very own wand. it will be an american light wood wand made of crepe myrtle, don't know the magical capabilities of crepe myrtle - i may be taking my life into my own hands, but we'll see. and yes, i said wand. i'm living in a realm of other worldliness, vicariously through a 7 year-old. school is about to start and i'm not quite ready. my two gals and i are going to rock the universe this year - so excited. love universal studios.

forever yours,
ginny potter

Thursday, August 9, 2007

fun fun fun with name anagrams

i'm not into giving all my info on here, but here are some handy anagrams of my name. and they seem to be true:

kill and artist
ok reason twit
a jollity stinkard
now ok tastier joy

have you met my family? well, there's my mom:
ok ornate win
hi! rank nuke

and my dad:
known honored athlete
now and the looker

and my sister:
really bleak

i have a brother, but none of his made sense or were funny.

ps, to my friends (you know who you are):
On chasm 'n' sinning (shanarama ding dong)
The ape brutalizes (eliza dolittle)
New, nicer hellhole (tinkaflinka)

i love you guys!!!!

Monday, August 6, 2007

new post

just letting the one person know that i'm here. just getting ready for school to start. and doing a little sewing.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

and in the news...

just wanted to share some headlines with you:

Hollywood pigeons to be put on birth control pills.
so LA is so obsessed with preventing unwanted pregnancy, but do they have to impose theirviews on the birds too?
Exercise and caffeine may prevent skin cancer, research says.
not to mention staying out of the sun...
Beijing-based reporter Tim Johnson blogs on life in China.
reports show that the name tim johnson is increasingly popular amongst the chinese who embrace western culture.
A look at the sneaky war on American motorists.
i think i'll stay off the road, you?
A California study finds electronic voting results would be vulnerable.
they are starting electoral controversy early to debunk the unexpected win of a republican to office.
GOP candidates may dump the upcoming YouTube debate.
if republicans cancel their youtube debate, how will they win the strong 14-year-old vote???
Paris is selling her $4.25 million Spanish-style home.
tink, if we combine our fundage, we could go in together and get it...
and the guy is 1,234 pounds.
with everyone trying to be politically correct and not wanting to offend, doctors have finally decided to tell him that his weight may be hazardous to his health.