Wednesday, August 1, 2007

and in the news...

just wanted to share some headlines with you:

Hollywood pigeons to be put on birth control pills.
so LA is so obsessed with preventing unwanted pregnancy, but do they have to impose theirviews on the birds too?
Exercise and caffeine may prevent skin cancer, research says.
not to mention staying out of the sun...
Beijing-based reporter Tim Johnson blogs on life in China.
reports show that the name tim johnson is increasingly popular amongst the chinese who embrace western culture.
A look at the sneaky war on American motorists.
i think i'll stay off the road, you?
A California study finds electronic voting results would be vulnerable.
they are starting electoral controversy early to debunk the unexpected win of a republican to office.
GOP candidates may dump the upcoming YouTube debate.
if republicans cancel their youtube debate, how will they win the strong 14-year-old vote???
Paris is selling her $4.25 million Spanish-style home.
tink, if we combine our fundage, we could go in together and get it...
and the guy is 1,234 pounds.
with everyone trying to be politically correct and not wanting to offend, doctors have finally decided to tell him that his weight may be hazardous to his health.


Shannon said...
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Shannon said...

He looks like he is melting and someone needs to just say to him, dude, I am surprised you are still alive, lose weight now or otherwise you may not live much longer

tinkerwiththis said...

that's just all kinds of disturbing.

jb said...

im not quite sure what im looking at it.... is that a calf or backfat?