Monday, August 27, 2007

it's never too early to plan your costume!

so this is who i'll be emulating. she's rita skeeter from hp and the goblet of fire (in my pants - nerdfighters!). she's a nasty gossip columnist who's out to make anyone look bad. here's what i've got so far:

wig (ebay)

jacket (ebay)

earrings (ross)

quill (hobby lobby)

handbag (ross)

fake nails and fantastic glitter purple varnish (sally's)

here's what i need:

a skirt to match jacket (probably have to sew it myself)

shoes (will bid on ebay - waiting until the end of the

auction to swoop in and win, i hope)


fishnet stockings

fur trim for jacket

reading glasses and chain


red lipstick

pink blush and eyeshadow


i know it's 8 weeks away, but i'll post pics. stay tuned...


Shannon said...

I have to say, once you get the black fur to trim the jacket....the jacket will be perfect...and the wig is perfect too....haha it would be funny if I came dressed as Professor Umbridge

tinka tinka what said...

my halloween costume consists of whatever i can find on end of season clearance. last year i bought a witch hat so i guess that's my costume. and i'll just pull some black clothes out of the closet about 15 minutes prior to kids ringing the doorbell...

morninglory kitsch said...

umbridge would be awesome, a pink tweed suit...