Saturday, December 29, 2007


yes, it's only been 8 weeks since my breakthrough haircut and here i've had to already had a touch up/trim. i did go a bit shorter than the first also. i really love it! and i also had a breakthrough revelation on what my hubby's halloween costume will be. in 10 months. that gives me enough time to get it done. so excited! but i'm going to try to not tell anyone what it is (but i think i'll give sneaky clues), which will make it so awesome when it is unveiled. i'm not even going to tell joe. he's just going to have to trust me, like he already does. i'll just hand it to him in a paper grocery bag, and he'll wear it. stoked! it shouldn't even cost very much. i can't believe it's not even new year's eve and i'm planning a halloween costume. okay, yeah, i believe it.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

i guess you never outgrow your toys

this christmas, i got all the toys i wanted. an 80g ipod classic, a nintendo ds with brain age games, and a razr cell phone. i didn't specifically want a razr, but i did want a new phone. with the hard shell on it, i really like it. getting my hair cut tomorrow. yeah!
merry christmas and happy new year!

Friday, December 21, 2007

i'm back with a vengence!

okay, sorry, reader, about the hiatus. from saturday to thursday morning i was completing a marathon of 1692 pages. i finished the twilight trilogy which i couldn't put down except for sleep. i've been dreaming about good, humane vampires all week. vegetarian, shall we say? (ha ha, shannon.) i challenge any and all of you to pick the books up and try to put them down. so yesterday, i returned, yes, returned the 2 latter books. being hardbacks and costing me over $35 of my hard-horded cash. i'll re-buy them in paperback. i do have another fabulous girls' trip to save up for this coming summer.

okay, real quick synopsis of the ladies' ornament exchange.
late night. presents. passing, passing, passing. eating. devotion. singing. word scramble. wrestling over mike & ikes. marshmallow stuffing. bubblegum chewing. present wrapping. cookie stacking. bible reading. card writing. driving home.

shannon's gift.
i need to get to her place when she comes home to take pics. i gave shannon a vampire hunter kit. pre-used. complete with a mallet, 3 stakes (2 new, 1 used), a rosary bracelet, a cross, and a vial of holy water. authentic.
before the ladies' O E, i drove to one of our many catholic churches. they were having some rehearsal thing with their spanish-speaking congregation. i looked totally gringa and totally nervous. a nice lady was coming out of the restroom and asked me if i needed something. i showed her my little bottle and said i needed some water. (i couldn't bring myself to say it). i followed her into the auditorium and she pointed at the font at the front, on the stage. yikes! i pleaded with her. 'can you do it for me?' so she took my little bottle and went up their and bowed and crossed herself, dipped in the font, bowed and crossed herself again, and brought it back to me. i thanked her profusely, walked out and then ran gleefully out to my car.
ps, shannon how did you like it?

Monday, December 17, 2007

my new favorite book (thanks, shannon!)

so my gal and i exchanged gifts the other night at the ladies ornament exchange (hilarious story). she gave me a book (luv the books) she had told me about called 'twilight'. all i remembered was something about vampire romance, but that it was really good. all this is even funnier when you know what i gave to her. that was friday night. saturday morning i sat down with my fresh new paperback and submerged myself into a fantastic guilty pleasure adventure. oh to be 17 again and your boyfriend have an unquenchable blood thirst... read it yourself if you want anymore. i finished the 500 page novel by sunday night during the survivor reunion show. so good i have to (HAVE TO) go to books-a-million (millionaire club member) to buy the next 2 books - immediately. here's the kicker. i was searching the web for the titles of the next 2 books, when what to my wondering eyes should appear, but an upcoming movie, and a familiar face in the role of boyfriend, dear. (it is christmastime, you know) shannon, i sincerely hope you didn't already know this, because i love springing happy news to you. robert pattinson may not be a name that you would immediately recognize, but his should be a face you've cried over (at least, i have) literarily (you know, like literature) and cinemagraphically. for he is none other than:

yes, that is cedric diggory. which i consider a perfect casting. the girl i remember from zathura and the land of women (didn't see, any good?). i guess she'll be okay. a little too perfect for the role of bella, unless she really plays the klutz card.
as for the ladies' party and my gift to shannon - i have all week to tell more stories. sit tight.
goodbye ennui!!!!

Friday, December 14, 2007

yep, there was a new pushing daisies on wed!

i don't know what's wrong with my writing flow lately, but i think it's been suffering from a bit of ennui. christmas is on its way. we have a ladies ornament exchange tonight from 8-midnight. i'm so excited to give 2 of my gals their gifts. one of which is just shy of extraordinary. stoked!
ps lily is chuck's mom!?!?!?!
pps for those you you to whom this has any meaning: i found trevor garvey.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

what's a little food poisoning among friends?

yeah, so i was down and out monday and tuesday with food poisoning. check the expiration dates on refrigerated foods the day you buy them. you think they're fresh at the store, but...
blast you, buitoni alfredo sauce! a couple phone calls and i realized that i am missed. thanks!

Friday, December 7, 2007

the original ned

so i started watching wonderfalls, a series from 2004. created by the same guy who created pushing daisies. incidentally, lee pace (pushing daisies) has a role in wonderfalls. though his over-tousled hair makes his face look a little disproportionate sometimes. i really like this show. i don't love it, but i enjoy it. so i found the inspiration for ned, the piemaker. it's this character, eric. very cute and has similar dialogue and sweetness of the beloved ned. check it out if you can. this pic is for shannon to enjoy. if she likes 'pretty boys' like she says i do.
his name is tyron leitso

Thursday, December 6, 2007

my new favorite thing

not only do the movies come in the mail, but i can watch them on my computer! why does it take me so long to do stuff, you say? well, about 10 years ago i invested in a new music technology. the latest, greatest thing in portable music. it was call mini-disc. i spent $300 on a recordable mini-disc player. about the size of a walkman, but it used very small floppy disk - looking things to store music. then, what do you know, before i'm even done paying it off, it's obsolete because mp3's took over and were all the rage.
i just got a cell phone 3 years ago. dish tv 8 years ago. a dvd player 5 years ago. dvr 1 year ago (maybe). and now, netflix. ps, i think the ipod is coming this christmas. mom, please still give it to me even though i know.
yes, my mommy and daddy bought me (a 30 year-old) my first ipod. they also pay for my cell phone. i would feel like a loser except for the fact that the cell phone actually saves mom and i tons of money on land line phone bills, which is now moot because we both have flat-rate long distance. mom, please don't take away my cell phone.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

really? seriously?

heroes update:

sylar has his powers back. nikki and nathan are possibly dead. but they can always come back with some back door escape and an injection of peter's blood. peter may have the virus. does he? adam is buried with hiro's father doomed to live forever in a coffin. maybe in 500 years there will be a flood that will unearth the coffin and he'll escape. maya is still hanging around doing nothing good with her power.


and just in case you forgot, i did indeed meet sylar.

Monday, December 3, 2007

new exciting fx guest

the latest additions to the guest list for fx are:
(drum roll, please)
young anakin skywalker, jake lloyd
dead like me star, ellen muth
monkeywoman, mary votova
(duh duh duduh!)
our favorite mind-reading cop, matt parkman, greg grunberg!!!
and if you watch heroes like you should, that should excite you.
off to rent the complete series on dvd of dead like me and wonderfalls. why wonderfalls? never seen it and lee pace, aka the piemaker, was in it.
i heart ned