Friday, December 14, 2007

yep, there was a new pushing daisies on wed!

i don't know what's wrong with my writing flow lately, but i think it's been suffering from a bit of ennui. christmas is on its way. we have a ladies ornament exchange tonight from 8-midnight. i'm so excited to give 2 of my gals their gifts. one of which is just shy of extraordinary. stoked!
ps lily is chuck's mom!?!?!?!
pps for those you you to whom this has any meaning: i found trevor garvey.


st. dramaqueen said...

hahahaha! it's so nice to be thought of, sister morninglory. hail morning full of grace,
swing those beads all over the place,
swing 'em high,
swing 'em low,
hail morning, go, go, go!

Shannon said...

hahaha the nun thing is way too funny

Molly said...

2 words: Trevor Garvey