Monday, December 3, 2007

new exciting fx guest

the latest additions to the guest list for fx are:
(drum roll, please)
young anakin skywalker, jake lloyd
dead like me star, ellen muth
monkeywoman, mary votova
(duh duh duduh!)
our favorite mind-reading cop, matt parkman, greg grunberg!!!
and if you watch heroes like you should, that should excite you.
off to rent the complete series on dvd of dead like me and wonderfalls. why wonderfalls? never seen it and lee pace, aka the piemaker, was in it.
i heart ned


Shannon said...

Ok, I am excited about Matt Parkman...I like him on Heroes...even though he totally isn't around as much this season

mom said...

hey, just so's you know, i got that duh duh duduh thing, i even said it out loud in the office, lolol
i totally want to come down for the medieval festival... hmmmm what to wear? what to wear?

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