Monday, December 17, 2007

my new favorite book (thanks, shannon!)

so my gal and i exchanged gifts the other night at the ladies ornament exchange (hilarious story). she gave me a book (luv the books) she had told me about called 'twilight'. all i remembered was something about vampire romance, but that it was really good. all this is even funnier when you know what i gave to her. that was friday night. saturday morning i sat down with my fresh new paperback and submerged myself into a fantastic guilty pleasure adventure. oh to be 17 again and your boyfriend have an unquenchable blood thirst... read it yourself if you want anymore. i finished the 500 page novel by sunday night during the survivor reunion show. so good i have to (HAVE TO) go to books-a-million (millionaire club member) to buy the next 2 books - immediately. here's the kicker. i was searching the web for the titles of the next 2 books, when what to my wondering eyes should appear, but an upcoming movie, and a familiar face in the role of boyfriend, dear. (it is christmastime, you know) shannon, i sincerely hope you didn't already know this, because i love springing happy news to you. robert pattinson may not be a name that you would immediately recognize, but his should be a face you've cried over (at least, i have) literarily (you know, like literature) and cinemagraphically. for he is none other than:

yes, that is cedric diggory. which i consider a perfect casting. the girl i remember from zathura and the land of women (didn't see, any good?). i guess she'll be okay. a little too perfect for the role of bella, unless she really plays the klutz card.
as for the ladies' party and my gift to shannon - i have all week to tell more stories. sit tight.
goodbye ennui!!!!


Shannon said...

I absolutely love that you love the book. I am so hoping to get them for Christmas so that I can immediately begin a reread. I knew they were in the talks about making the movie, BUT I didn't know the process had furthered to actual casting and what not. I haven't checked Stephenie Meyer's website since October probably. Now I absolutely must find out whats going on.

tinkastinka said...

you're so weird. the end.

that guy is kind of cute.

i guess it wasn't the end after all.

momski said...

How about some new blogs? C'mon girl.

nun-o-licious said...
paste this in for a seasonal inspiring video and a few laughs to boot!