Friday, December 21, 2007

i'm back with a vengence!

okay, sorry, reader, about the hiatus. from saturday to thursday morning i was completing a marathon of 1692 pages. i finished the twilight trilogy which i couldn't put down except for sleep. i've been dreaming about good, humane vampires all week. vegetarian, shall we say? (ha ha, shannon.) i challenge any and all of you to pick the books up and try to put them down. so yesterday, i returned, yes, returned the 2 latter books. being hardbacks and costing me over $35 of my hard-horded cash. i'll re-buy them in paperback. i do have another fabulous girls' trip to save up for this coming summer.

okay, real quick synopsis of the ladies' ornament exchange.
late night. presents. passing, passing, passing. eating. devotion. singing. word scramble. wrestling over mike & ikes. marshmallow stuffing. bubblegum chewing. present wrapping. cookie stacking. bible reading. card writing. driving home.

shannon's gift.
i need to get to her place when she comes home to take pics. i gave shannon a vampire hunter kit. pre-used. complete with a mallet, 3 stakes (2 new, 1 used), a rosary bracelet, a cross, and a vial of holy water. authentic.
before the ladies' O E, i drove to one of our many catholic churches. they were having some rehearsal thing with their spanish-speaking congregation. i looked totally gringa and totally nervous. a nice lady was coming out of the restroom and asked me if i needed something. i showed her my little bottle and said i needed some water. (i couldn't bring myself to say it). i followed her into the auditorium and she pointed at the font at the front, on the stage. yikes! i pleaded with her. 'can you do it for me?' so she took my little bottle and went up their and bowed and crossed herself, dipped in the font, bowed and crossed herself again, and brought it back to me. i thanked her profusely, walked out and then ran gleefully out to my car.
ps, shannon how did you like it?


Shannon said...

It is the most awesome gift ever and the fact you got real holy water kicked butt

Shannon said...

by the way, totally loving the American Gladiator you.....