Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

do i know you? it must run in the family.

ok, so who besides me would totally go see them in concert???

the final countdown, erm, rundown...

well, hello there. it has been a while. i'm in the midst of so much. here is a rundown:
working at a new job since thanksgiving. it is not full time, but takes up a lot of my thinking time.
i'm now 2 years, and therefore declared cancer-free at this point. (and for the last two years, i had already considered myself cancer-free.)
i'm mom to a middle schooler.
i'm reading divergent by veronica roth. good read. pick it up.
i'm doing the dukan diet. it is day 9, and i've lost 7.5 lbs and 15" overall. yea, me!
i made a fascinator to wear to my cousin's upcoming wedding.
fun, right? 
recently took a trip to las vegas with my hubby for our 13th anniversary.
i will be a blood aunt by halloween. not anything to be freaked about, just that my side of the family will finally receive a baby from one of my sibs.

that's all for now.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

cob house. is it for us?

i've been gone a very long time. this is, in part, due to blogspot and my computer having a tiff and not wanting to work together to post the pics i would like to add.

so here we are, 2012. is it the end? maybe. is that going to stop me from raising my chickens, building a cob house on the back of our acreage, maybe getting a couple goats? no way!

the decision is this... do i make it look like a hobbit hole, or do i make it look like my dream house from a post i published 100 years ago?

remember me? yes. this is definitely the one i want.
you are the one i want. oo, oo, oo! honey!