Wednesday, October 29, 2008

my version of mrs. lovett

so, here it is! the mrs. lovett costume i made for my gal, shannon!

doesn't she look terrible? (in a good way, because mrs. lovett was so unkempt)

thanks also to elizabeth for hair and makeup.

the inspiration and film adaptation of mrs. lovett.

Monday, October 27, 2008

my neighbor is the repo man

which means the beep, beep, beeping of tow trucks backing up at all hours. did you know that repo men pick up cars and rv's after the regular hours that people are awake? which also means that jack is constantly barking at all the action. i still have to finish sewing costumes for halloween. looks like dinner for a dozen. it'll still be fun.

congrats to jb and melissa on the birth of their daughter.

Friday, October 24, 2008

something else to be disgusted at

selma 'fat'
selma regular

this is an article i thought i needed to share.

Hollywood actress Selma Blair hated having to pile on the pounds for her latest role in TV comedy Kath + Kim - because her on-screen wardrobe was so tight, her clothes cut into her thighs.
The 36-year-old recently wrapped filming for the U.S. adaptation of the hit Australian show, but admits she struggled to enjoy herself on set when she was forced to squeeze into her character's tight-fitting clothes.
She says, "(It was) unpleasant. I'd have lacerations on my body from my shorts being so tight. They'd yell 'Cut!' and people would come over with a bathrobe because I was so embarrassed about the flab rolling over. It was so ugly. That and my double chin."
And Blair was constantly trying to avoid seeing photos of herself in character in the press - because the brightly-coloured outfits were so cringe-worthy.
She adds: "The character's fashion sense is really horrific. I'm wearing a lot of bright clothes and I don't wear anything except black and white in real life. I'm wearing orange and blue together. It's horrible. And wedge flip-flops all the time, toe rings, and an anklet. I have long hair, too, so I have these horrifying extensions and these long nails. It's so embarrassing."
The star has now slimmed down again, but insists it was a hard task: "I've lost the weight but it's difficult to get it off as you get older."
oh, please!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

my dog hates it when i shop

apparently jack, my dog, doesn't like it when i go shopping. i had a great shopping experience on saturday! this happens very rarely for me, so when it does, i get excited. this was part 2 of a 3 part birthday bash for my friend, shannon. we started at ulta, playing with makeup and putting our faces on. i found a 5 pack of nice makeup brushes on sale for $12.99 from $25. also a $10 mascara for $5. and an undergarment for $4 from $30! we went next door to old navy, and i got a $20 pair of jeans and a $20 jacket, originally $32.50 and $39.50 respectively. euphorically, we walked across to dsw and invaded their clearance room where i found 2 pairs of $50 shoes for $15 and $25. I spent $108 and saved $137!!
back to jack. he came into our room as we slept on sunday morning and found my shopping bags. he decided to mark them as his property. thankfully plastic is pee-proof. bad dog!

Friday, October 17, 2008

actually looking forward to november

thanksgiving and christmas will seem like a breeze compared to what i've been through the last month or so. i'm going to do all online shopping. i hope everyone realizes what a tight year this is going to be present-wise. i don't even have a list yet, for me or anyone else. since my mom bought me a new vacuum, i don't have to put that on my list. i didn't buy any new halloween stuff this year after last year's bounty.
by the way, i have received criticism about taking my party sign-up sheet to church. excuse me! it is a church party. this is the third year i have planned a party especially for people in our church, so don't be preaching at me about connecting halloween and church. are we still in the 17th century?

all this planning and such and going out of town... i'm just looking forward to the ladies' retreat in november.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

i have a confession to make

and it's a real confession. there's a mom at school that i don't like. it started when i would see her walking her girls into class every morning. the girls were dressed in the most outrageous, trendy outfits. a different one every day. you remember hot pink fur, and cheetah fur trimming hot pink leather, and fur trimmed leather uggs, and on and on. the mom dresses just as trendy with her amazon self and it's like watching kimora take her kids to school.
then it continued with her gigantic cadillac escalade. she peals into the parking lot with 2 minutes until the late bell rings, turns in front of people without any care for the right of way, parks in the grass and stilettos (see how i made a verb out of it) her way into the school with no care for anyone else or the fact that her girls need ample time to prepare for class before the bell rings, then she comes back out, climbs back into her monstrosity and backs out without looking to see if anyone is behind her. her over-inflated sense of self-entitlement makes me fume.

did i mention the limo that picks up all the kids in her daughters' classes when one of them has a birthday?

and here we sit, with our peanut butter and jelly and 1/4 tank of gas because the mortgage is due this week. i don't want to be her. i don't want people hating me because i've left them in the wake of my self-absorbed supernova. i just want to sell my book.

Monday, October 13, 2008

still tired from losing 3 hours last week

i really don't know what to say. i'm working on my 'big h-ween party'. i took a sign-up sheet to church yesterday, and only 1 couple signed up. i guess everyone else wants to be poopoo heads and not have fun. i still have a group that weren't present to see if they are coming. i still haven't' slept in to catch up on my lost time. my hair is growing out nicely. i went shopping at kohl's. they just opened here and i found some really great stuff. i was about sick of seeing hayden's face everywhere. oh well. popular cheerleaders and their stupid good genes.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

it needs to stay in vegas

they are not kidding. it amazed me at the level of nudity. i had fun, but i do not like vegas. here are some family friendly pics.
this looks amazingly like my picture of the original eiffel tower.
these are actually wax statues. amazing, right?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008