Monday, October 13, 2008

still tired from losing 3 hours last week

i really don't know what to say. i'm working on my 'big h-ween party'. i took a sign-up sheet to church yesterday, and only 1 couple signed up. i guess everyone else wants to be poopoo heads and not have fun. i still have a group that weren't present to see if they are coming. i still haven't' slept in to catch up on my lost time. my hair is growing out nicely. i went shopping at kohl's. they just opened here and i found some really great stuff. i was about sick of seeing hayden's face everywhere. oh well. popular cheerleaders and their stupid good genes.


cheri said...

you brought a sign-up sheet for a halloween party to church?! what kind of church do you go to missy? shame on you.

mom-o-rama said...

i like your tap dancing avatar in a cowboy scene. u be two-steppin... after all the work you did, you better have more people show up!!!! cause you're the Queen of Halloween!!!

Jana said...

Yeah typically in our church no one advertises that they celebrate the devils holiday. But you will probably have some people come anyway they just didn't want the other church people to know that they truly wanted to dress up like kids on the hallows eve. But I am proud of you for not caring what others think. You go girl.