Wednesday, October 15, 2008

i have a confession to make

and it's a real confession. there's a mom at school that i don't like. it started when i would see her walking her girls into class every morning. the girls were dressed in the most outrageous, trendy outfits. a different one every day. you remember hot pink fur, and cheetah fur trimming hot pink leather, and fur trimmed leather uggs, and on and on. the mom dresses just as trendy with her amazon self and it's like watching kimora take her kids to school.
then it continued with her gigantic cadillac escalade. she peals into the parking lot with 2 minutes until the late bell rings, turns in front of people without any care for the right of way, parks in the grass and stilettos (see how i made a verb out of it) her way into the school with no care for anyone else or the fact that her girls need ample time to prepare for class before the bell rings, then she comes back out, climbs back into her monstrosity and backs out without looking to see if anyone is behind her. her over-inflated sense of self-entitlement makes me fume.

did i mention the limo that picks up all the kids in her daughters' classes when one of them has a birthday?

and here we sit, with our peanut butter and jelly and 1/4 tank of gas because the mortgage is due this week. i don't want to be her. i don't want people hating me because i've left them in the wake of my self-absorbed supernova. i just want to sell my book.


mom said...

first of all, your writing is brilliant!!! so pithy and 'out there'.... secondly look at this address to see founder of etsy... he's so cute!

Tricia B. said...

People like that make me sick! The worst thing about it is that her self-absorbtion probably affects her mothering skills. Those poor kids are probably ignored and to make up for it are given "things." It's sad. Despite what people think, money can't buy you happiness. It like getting drunk, the effects are temporary.

Shannon said...

I feel ya there....we should make a pact...we AREN'T going to be that mom...even when your book sells and you are a multi-millionaire

Jana said...

Well, I totally think you'll be best friends one day. First of all, because she needs the Lord and you can tell her about Him. Secondly because when I first saw Cheri and she first saw me we didn't like each other at all. But then look what happened. We got to know each other and became great friends. So, you never know, and, don't judge a book by it's cover. She's probably very insecure. She needs a good friend