Friday, October 24, 2008

something else to be disgusted at

selma 'fat'
selma regular

this is an article i thought i needed to share.

Hollywood actress Selma Blair hated having to pile on the pounds for her latest role in TV comedy Kath + Kim - because her on-screen wardrobe was so tight, her clothes cut into her thighs.
The 36-year-old recently wrapped filming for the U.S. adaptation of the hit Australian show, but admits she struggled to enjoy herself on set when she was forced to squeeze into her character's tight-fitting clothes.
She says, "(It was) unpleasant. I'd have lacerations on my body from my shorts being so tight. They'd yell 'Cut!' and people would come over with a bathrobe because I was so embarrassed about the flab rolling over. It was so ugly. That and my double chin."
And Blair was constantly trying to avoid seeing photos of herself in character in the press - because the brightly-coloured outfits were so cringe-worthy.
She adds: "The character's fashion sense is really horrific. I'm wearing a lot of bright clothes and I don't wear anything except black and white in real life. I'm wearing orange and blue together. It's horrible. And wedge flip-flops all the time, toe rings, and an anklet. I have long hair, too, so I have these horrifying extensions and these long nails. It's so embarrassing."
The star has now slimmed down again, but insists it was a hard task: "I've lost the weight but it's difficult to get it off as you get older."
oh, please!!!


Shannon said...

I am with you on the "Oh please"

normal looking mom said...

let me add, "OH BUH_RUTHER"!!!! she should be so lucky to be on tv and make money. ingrate. whiny whiny

jb said...

whew! i'm glad she managed to lose that weight. i was beginning to think that was carnie wilson.

seriously, eat a sandwich.

Rebecca said...

"My shorts were SOOOOOO tight they actually amputated both my legs! That's how I lost all this flab. AND if that isn't bad enough I had to wear an icky TOE RING."

give me a flippin break. Diva much?

BTW, I found your blog by way of Tipitee Lives Here and it's hilarious!