Monday, October 20, 2008

my dog hates it when i shop

apparently jack, my dog, doesn't like it when i go shopping. i had a great shopping experience on saturday! this happens very rarely for me, so when it does, i get excited. this was part 2 of a 3 part birthday bash for my friend, shannon. we started at ulta, playing with makeup and putting our faces on. i found a 5 pack of nice makeup brushes on sale for $12.99 from $25. also a $10 mascara for $5. and an undergarment for $4 from $30! we went next door to old navy, and i got a $20 pair of jeans and a $20 jacket, originally $32.50 and $39.50 respectively. euphorically, we walked across to dsw and invaded their clearance room where i found 2 pairs of $50 shoes for $15 and $25. I spent $108 and saved $137!!
back to jack. he came into our room as we slept on sunday morning and found my shopping bags. he decided to mark them as his property. thankfully plastic is pee-proof. bad dog!


Shannon said...

hahaha, that is hilarious...terrible...but hilarious

philosophic mom said...

ew. got 2 b tru