Friday, October 17, 2008

actually looking forward to november

thanksgiving and christmas will seem like a breeze compared to what i've been through the last month or so. i'm going to do all online shopping. i hope everyone realizes what a tight year this is going to be present-wise. i don't even have a list yet, for me or anyone else. since my mom bought me a new vacuum, i don't have to put that on my list. i didn't buy any new halloween stuff this year after last year's bounty.
by the way, i have received criticism about taking my party sign-up sheet to church. excuse me! it is a church party. this is the third year i have planned a party especially for people in our church, so don't be preaching at me about connecting halloween and church. are we still in the 17th century?

all this planning and such and going out of town... i'm just looking forward to the ladies' retreat in november.


support mom said...

YOU GO GIRL! love ya

Tricia B. said...

People will complain about anything! Thanks for the info on bookswap! I was doing swaptree but their system stinks and I can never get a book! In order to get one from them you have to find someone that you can trade with book-for-book and every time you try they say the book is no longer available! Frustrating.

Shannon said...

Sometimes people just need to know when to keep their opinion to themselves. Quite frankly, if one is convicted about Halloween, then that is fine. BUT, don't make me feel that I should feel the same way, and then criticize a party that YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ATTEND. haha...I will rant with ya MGK

tinkerwiththis said...

haha, you're so funny, maybe you should have prefaced it with 'it's a church party'. sorry, but all us IFBers got the whole halloween preachy lecture growing up...a halloween party at church?! egads no, it's the day of the devil! you know hell is full of black cats and casper ghosts.

Jana said...

You are funny! I love it when you get your rant on. I would like to state that my previous comments on said halloween party were not intended as criticism. I just like to get your goat!