Wednesday, May 30, 2007

the oddity that is jason schwartzman

i have now seen 4 movies with jason sch... and though i enjoy the sight of his brother, robert, much better - this post is about him.
it seems that he has these characters that are very hard to like.
he's an obnoxious teenager with a crush on a teacher and he endlessly thwarts the attempts of the older man (bill murray) to woo the single teacher.
he's an obnoxious agent of the slightly less obnoxious character that will ferrell plays and he endlessly attempts to thwart the inevitable getting together of jack and isabel just by being an arse. it's not like he actually does anything proactive.
marie antoinette
he's louis xvi, short, a little chubby, and a cold fish in the sack. what's to like?
this is my most recent viewing attempt to find something that i like him in.
he's a scungy, gungy single guy with few prospects when he meets the girl (claire danes). she soon after is wooed by the older man (this time it's steve martin) and even though we have to endure old man love (it's gross) ***spoiler alert*** he, being steve martin, breaks her heart. meanwhile, scungy has been focusing his life and making himself more successful, and slightly less scungy. he unknowingly walks back into her life at the right moment and she finds real love. unfortunately, you only start to like him about 15 minutes before the movie ends.

i love grapes.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

honor old reruns, observe marathon day!

it seems that government holidays anymore mean that every channel outside of the 'big 3(or 4)' has to run 12-15 hour marathons of one of their marquis shows. sometimes it's a good one: the first 2 seasons of monk (i missed those), or man vs. wild (i love the accent, and the guy's name is bear - that's hot). sometimes it's exhausting: 14 previously viewed episodes of law & order: criminal intent. i like the show, but so many people dying in one day??? sometimes it's boring: all the episodes i just watched of deadliest catch, again. sometimes it's odd curiosity: little people, big world.
it's as if they gave everyone at the network the day off too and just popped in the season dvd's to these shows and everyone went home to their brats (wurst, not children) and beers. if you're gonna put a show on marathon mode, make it worthwhile.

like macgyver.

okay, just kidding.

Friday, May 25, 2007

life in the dollhoose

yes, that's a canadian accent.

so i bought my dot a dollhouse for her b-day last year. the kind you have to put together with glue and tiny nails, not the plastic one-piece fisher-price kind that comes in garish colours. anyway, we (i) worked on it last summer. putting it together, painting it to look like this awesome victorian b&b downtown, putting shingles on it one by one. then i stopped. school happened and it sat on her dresser for the whole year. so i got it down this morning and finished painting the upstairs and the staircase. put down the flooring in the bathroom, the 'carpet' in the bedroom, and the wallpaper in the sewing nook. yes, the dollhouse has a place to sew, but my house does not.
so i finally finish and i have to force my dot to play with it. oy!
yes, those are tiny harry potter books on the bed and harry and ron dolls on the vanity. i made the food out of polymer clay.
so tired...

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

it's the end of my shows as i know it...

so it looks like i'll have a free summer. i've committed not to watch the stupid new summer shows they want to sling our way like some late night dive where they shut off the grill. no pirates or america's got talent for me. no last comic standing or weirdly named new series. i do like impersonators and look-a-likes so i thought i'd give the next best thing a chance, but only out of morbid curiosity. my summer loves are truly excellent shows like monk and psych. hmmm. both detective shows. it's like watching columbo with my mom all over again. still pumped about the 6 new episodes of studio 60 starting tomorrow. it's really great writing. please check it out. nbc 10pm (est) thursdays. matthew perry, amanda peet, bradley whitford... need i say more?

if you had to pick a celeb that you or others think you look like, who would it be???
two sources peg me as julianne moore

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

sylar's dead, or is he? & other resurrections

i was slightly afraid that my friend sylar was going to be off the show and people would start watching the second season and wouldn't know him and i'd lose my coolness for meeting him. so did peter and nathan die in the sky or what?
my fave show in the category of dialogue driven dromedy, studio 60 on the sunset strip, is coming back for 6 new episodes!! so excited. i mean gilmore girls and crossing jordan are over for good, so i'm glad they brought back one i really enjoyed, if only for 6 weeks.
now i have the urge to have a blowout garage sale. furniture and all. i have an ikea catalogue... hope the one in orlando opens soon.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

my spidey sense is tingling

okay, so we went and saw spidey 3 last night. it is sooooo looooong! there are well choreographed and cg'd action sequences that break up the monotony of the long dialogue with a teeny drop of romance thrown in - eeny weeny. unlike the last 2, you actually dislike spidey and feel sorry for all 3 bad guys. it's weird. i don't know how i feel about the movie. did i like it, or not? i don't know.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

jan totally copied me!

it was a mixture of laughing, feeling a little uncomfortable, and a bit of embarrassment that watched the office with me tonite. jan so copied me. and go jim!! yea!! karen is so awful. seriously. for the first time, i really didn't like her for her personality instead of just getting between jim and pam. yea jim and pam!! and dwight... hilarious. have to watch it again.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

i'm not on the p.t.o.

okay, so it's my second year of being mom to a school ager coming to a close. i've found that seeing a lot of the same people all the time has resulted in my creating nicknames for them in my head. hot dad. dorky dad. bad, bad mullet dad. then there's the mom of the over achiever in my daughter's class. yes, i want my child to succeed, but not at the expense of making every other kid in the class look bad. anyway, back to the mom. driving thru the parking lot this morning, i spied that she wears granny panties. total vindication! i win for being the cool mom. btw, my daughter has told her cousin that i had surgery on my arm. i guess she came to that conclusion because i couldn't use my arms for a week.

Monday, May 14, 2007

smother's day

we went to olive garden with the in-laws + a few others. good food. i need a bread stick.

Friday, May 11, 2007

juicy, juicy mangoes

you know, everytime there is a mango nearby, i look at it. i smell it. smells good. okay, i'm going to try it. nibble, nibble. blech!!! they look delicious and juicy, but i can't stand the taste. and i still try them over and over. (you thought this post was about something else!) i also am always trying cantaloupe. nope, don't like it. olives. salty, yes. good, no! black, green, or otherwise - yuck. it's not that i'm picky, because (as i said), i am always trying these things over and over and i can't get my palate to like them. funny thing is, i didn't grow up eating any of these, so i think that has something to do with it.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

need to work on my book

i've been remembering more little snipets of my life that i need to add to my book. i actually found one of my nemesis from my childhood on myspace. he is now in my friends list. i haven't found any of the others - yet. he said he'd look over anything i sent to him. i kindof want his perspective on the whole thing. he said he was a little immature. ha! if he only knew that he and his cronies had a huge impact on who i've become. that's why i dream about teeth. (check out and interpret teeth in dreams)
tonite is the big office episode. i hope pam tells jim how she really feels. jim and his sad puppy dog eyes. so similar...
i finally preordered my copy of harry potter and the deathly hallows. i hope harry doesn't die. i don't know if i could take that. i mean snape already killed dumbledore in the last one and it's only gonna get worse. will hermione and ron end up alive and together? what about neville? and i think ginny and harry broke up...

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

another dr's visit

hello, ladies. my one week follow-up is today. i have my hopes set on no pain. the last time i was there, i thought - murder. this time should be better. i'm still in discomfort. i can't really call it pain, since i've experienced pain. but there's still 2 boulders hanging there and i'm just wanting the swelling to go down. maybe in a few more weeks i won't feel like frankenstein. it's not really that bad - i just can't sleep without being semi-reclined - not all the way. don't be scared, tink. it's just a small portion of your life that you hope the good drugs will erase from your memory. i really don't remember all that much about last monday aside from the er. i'm just trying to move on and get back to normal.
only 2 episodes left of gilmore girls - ever. :(

Friday, May 4, 2007

the last x-ray

i must be a superhero by now with all the radiation. well, super boobs anyway. with the power of perky. by not yet with the exaggerated over inflation and swelling. not the lovely pomegranates of song of solomon i dreamed about - yet. 2 weeks and i'll be well on my way.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

the pain the agony

it's really me this time. i'm actually conscious enough to type, but i may pass out any moment. i just came back from getting the tube ripped out of my lung. it really REALLY hurt. but now i can breathe with practically no pain. i look forward to the next 2 1/2 weeks being over with, so i can try to live normally and stop sleeping on the couch with the aid of anna nicole's medicine cabinet. it feels so good to breathe. the cantaloupes are still there and hard as ever, but soon they'll be lovely. i think i need a nap now. laters.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


This is morninglory's mom. She asked me to update her blog on what happened... do you have a couple hours? big sigh... MG had her surgery but a little mistake happened and we ended up having to get x rays done and then they immediately sent us to the emergency room. Her lung was punctured and it started collapsing, so they had to put a tube in to drain fluids and equalize pressure. It was hard for her to breathe. The first day was full of anxiety and stress. This is the second day of recovery and she's doing better than yesterday. She's actually talking out loud, but has to lay around all day and watch me work when she's awake. You know, things like.. comb her hair, feed her, give her meds and drinks, cook, clean, laundry, take care of the baby... it made me wonder again how did I ever do it with 3 kids? More focus and energy I guess. Anyway, it's not about me..... lol. Any more details MG will have to give you herself.