Friday, May 25, 2007

life in the dollhoose

yes, that's a canadian accent.

so i bought my dot a dollhouse for her b-day last year. the kind you have to put together with glue and tiny nails, not the plastic one-piece fisher-price kind that comes in garish colours. anyway, we (i) worked on it last summer. putting it together, painting it to look like this awesome victorian b&b downtown, putting shingles on it one by one. then i stopped. school happened and it sat on her dresser for the whole year. so i got it down this morning and finished painting the upstairs and the staircase. put down the flooring in the bathroom, the 'carpet' in the bedroom, and the wallpaper in the sewing nook. yes, the dollhouse has a place to sew, but my house does not.
so i finally finish and i have to force my dot to play with it. oy!
yes, those are tiny harry potter books on the bed and harry and ron dolls on the vanity. i made the food out of polymer clay.
so tired...


embee said...

that's really sweet. now go force your daughter to play with it.

morninglory kitsch said...